The Most In-Demand Technology Jobs in South Africa

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IT and Technology remains one of the top employment sectors for earning potential in South Africa, a trend that is expected to continue in the coming years. According to the 2015 Global Connectivity Index, South Africa is among the top three developing countries that have the most potential to use ICT to boost their economic growth, along with China and Chile.

In particular, computer programmers and app developers have seen a spike in global demand for their skill-sets in 2017, while the highest overall growth of 27% goes to web developers. Searching for the broad term “Developer” usually returns thousands of results on most major job sites, and in South Africa this is no different, albeit on a slightly smaller scale. When the search is narrowed down to specific specialisms like “Java developer” or “SQL developer”, potential applicants can begin to assess what employers are looking for when scouting for talent and, match their skills to particular job requirements accordingly.


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Looking at data from South Africa’s largest job site, Careers24, we can analyse which roles are currently most in-demand. It is important to note that these statistics will change as time passes, but for now, they are a good indicator of what will remain popular within the South African job market for at least the next several years.


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There are some global trends which are reflected in South Africa, such as Java being a dominant language and so developers who are proficient in Java are sought after by many companies. Another factor to consider is the tech skills shortage that affects the South African job market, wherein the amount of IT positions available far outweigh the number of skilled individuals to fill them. However, a positive impact of this is that salaries are being pushed up as employers attempt to attract great developers. The shortage also allows developers to have more control and input in their roles, especially as more millennials filter into a workforce previously dominated by the older generation. This means that the future of developers in South Africa is generally bright, with job roles expanding to meet individual needs rather than employers offering generic positions with fixed descriptions.

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