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Fabbie: A proud parent of a prospective software engineer

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Naturally, Fabbie Shereni wants her daughter, Lisa, to succeed. She explains that she envisions her daughter to be an in-demand software engineer and a ‘software guru’ after completing her coding bootcamp. Although it seems ambitious at first, the goal of being an in-demand software engineer isn’t too far-fetched. Software developers can expect both high demand in the marketplace and a lucrative salary. 

Lisa is currently enrolled in HyperionDev’s Software Engineer Bootcamp and is enjoying her bootcamp learning experience thus far. Lisa appreciates being able to take advantage of the new on-site campus, as well as the personal mentorship. She says, 


The best thing about the bootcamp is how you can work at your own pace. The fact that it’s part-time means you can do other things like work and study. While still be pursuing something you’re passionate about.

Fabbie enjoyed her experience interacting with the HyperionDev team before and during Lisa’s Software Engineer bootcamp, stating,


It was a great [experience] throughout. [The team at HyperionDev] are very down-to-earth people.


Fabbie also echoes her daughter’s sentiments regarding the flexibility of the part-time course and how it allows her daughter to juggle various aspects of her life. 

Part-time courses are specifically built to work around the students’ schedule. So whether someone has a full-time job or is completing their studies during the weekdays, a part-time coding bootcamp schedule allows students to complete tasks and assignments at their own pace. A quick turnaround on code review and feedback means you can submit your code assignment whenever, no matter the day of the week or hour of the day. Fabbie says,


She is able to multi-task with her school and work. I am very proud of her.

So, looking down the road, what does Fabbie really want for her daughter in the next 5 years? She simply wants Lisa to “be able to mentor other students and give back”. Oftentimes, many coding bootcamp students are inspired by their personal mentors and want to share what they’ve learned in the same way their mentor taught them how to code. 

Overall, Fabbie loves that her daughter is enrolled in the course and encourages others to do the same. She says, “Students will benefit a lot from these programmes’.

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