What is C++?

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C++ is a high level, general purpose programming language. C++ is also object-oriented and is viewed by many as the best language for building large-scale applications.



C++ is known to be a very powerful language, as it allows you to have a lot of control on how you use computer resources, especially memory. Its high speed performance and ability to use resources cheaply enables it to surpass other languages, and thus, it is often used in developing game engines and highly graphic intensive games. It was also designed with the primary intent for use in systems programming and embedded software, with key strengths in software infrastructure and large resource-constrained applications. These include desktop applications, e-commerce platforms and SQL servers.

C++ being used to develop a video game
C++ being used to develop a video game

What is C++? Real World Applications


Companies using C++
Companies using C++


Despite the pros above, C++ is not easy to maintain as it needs a lot of code, which means you need a large team to scale up a C++ application. From a time and financial investment point of view, C++ is not easy to scale. Nonetheless, C++ has built a range of interesting & useful software and applications. Operating Systems are a key example – mostly Microsoft Windows, web browsers such as Chrome, websites such as Amazon and Paypal. Database systems include MySQL and Oracle. Facebook has also used C++ in several high performance and compatibility components, compilers & Virtual Machines, graphical layers, 3D Electronic Arts game engines and many more.

Language Trends


C++ is generally seen as a hard language to learn for beginners; however, due to its demand, it may be a language worth pursuing. The Tiobe Index ranked C++ 3rd globally in terms of popularity for 2017; however it experienced a YoY decrease by 0.48%. It was ranked #6 on the PYPL index.

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