Student Writer

Student writer: I created Not Uber-Eats. Here’s how it happened.

HyperionDev Alumnus and Software Engineer bootcamp graduate Jake Owen shares his experiences in creating his own start-ups and projects, in particular the alternative e-food service site, which helps hundreds of local businesses and is attracting thousands of visitors a month. He shares his journey with us.

Jake Owen completed his software engineering bootcamp with HyperionDev in 2020 and after graduation, he went straight into a 6-month internship with a startup called SapphireGem Tech. More recently, he has decided to pursue his entrepreneurial passion through his

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Student Success Story

Student Success Story: Max Deale – from Audio Engineer to Full Stack Developer

Max Deale was working as a full-time Audio Dubbing Engineer, when he realised he had a deep passion for tech. Realising how much opportunity this industry holds, Max started his switch to a career in tech by signing up for a HyperionDev coding bootcamp. Thanks to his on-site full-time Full Stack Web Developer bootcamp, Max was able to learn practical coding skills, become a HyperionDev coding mentor, and make his career switch to a professional Full Stack Developer.

In this HyperionDev student success story, we wanted to find out more about Max’s journey from Audio Engineer to Full Stack Developer, his experiences on his Full Stack Web Developer bootcamp, and how he went from engineer, to HyperionDev coding

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LinkedIn profile

Tips for a 5 star LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn has become the most critical tool that companies use in their talent search, hiring, and vetting processes. If you want to stand out to these companies, it’s crucial that your profile looks and reads like a winner. Here are our tips for a 5-star LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn has become the leading digital base for job seekers, professionals, recruiters, and companies across every imaginable industry. The proof is in the numbers: the platform boasts almost 720 million users, over 55 million registered companies and at least

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success story Ndamulelo

Ndamulelo: from Student to Start-up Founder

Even as a student, Ndamulelo Namadzavho knew that he wanted to build technology that would improve the lives of students across South Africa. Thanks to his HyperionDev Software Engineer bootcamp, Ndamulelo learned the practical developer skills he needed to found his own education start-up, and pursue his passion for education and upliftment.

Ndamulelo Namadzavho had always wanted to build something important that would help South African youth by improving their access to education and learning resources. There was just one thing standing in the way of his making his passion a reality:

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Interview Tips: How to prepare for your next virtual interview

Online interviews and virtual interviews have become an important tool for all companies and hiring teams. Here are 10 useful tips for doing great in your next online interview.

In the world of increasingly online and remote work teams, online interviews are quickly becoming the industry standard when looking to fill roles. 

Today, the online interview has become a core tool for every hiring team. According to statistics from

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Top 5 soft skills for 2021

It's evident that our working world has been changed for the foreseeable future. These changes taking place in the workplace have shown us that soft skills are more important than ever in order to survive in this virtual environment.

We stepped into a changed world this January and with a few months of 2021 behind us, we’re starting to see trends emerge in hiring. The soft skills we see in demand now are skills that were largely increasing in

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