hyperiondev employee

HyperionDev employee stories: Mitso Qalaba

Our award-winning coding bootcamps depend on reliable systems to successfully teach thousands of students how to code. Today’s HyperionDev employee story focuses on the newest member of the team that makes those systems work: Mitso Qalaba. As a Front-end Developer, Mitso makes sure that our bootcamps, website, and internal systems are running optimally.

Our bootcamps rely on more than just amazing mentors, up-to-date educational material,  and expert code review to help students graduate as job-ready developers. They also need a stable online learning platform, a responsive and functioning website, and reliable internal systems.

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choosing an employer

6 Key Considerations When Choosing an Employer

Navigating how different employers approach work can be difficult. Considering these 6 factors when getting to know a potential employer, can make the journey more manageable.

Our society has reached a time where employers can differ like night and day. We have suits versus flip flops, bean bags versus office chairs, a two minute walk to our home desk versus an hour commute to an office,

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software engineer

Student Success story: Craigen – from Waiter to Java developer

Working as a waiter in Johannesburg, Craigen Chitate had aspirations to grow into a career that would give him open doors and better pay, instead of late nights and low seasons. He decided to sign up for a HyperionDev Software Engineer bootcamp. Shortly after graduating, he found a job as full-time software developer – all thanks to the skills he learnt on his bootcamp.

Craigen Chitate worked as a waiter in Johannesburg, but wanted something more. He knew that hard work and determination were half the battle; he also needed the right set of in-demand tech skills to find work and pursue a career

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full stack developer

What is full stack web development, and what does a full stack developer do?

A short look into what full stack web developers do for a living, how much they earn, and the skills and path you should take if you’re looking to become one.

In 2020, more businesses and companies went online and remote than any time in human history. Brick and mortar stores became online shops; boardroom meetings became online syncs; and even things as simple as buying groceries were increasingly done online. 

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