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What’s the difference between a HyperionDev online bootcamp and a short course?

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If you’re keen to switch to a tech career this year, you might be wondering whether you should enrol on a HyperionDev bootcamp or a short course. What’s the difference between these two options? And under what circumstances does a bootcamp make more sense?

Shifting careers

If you want to change careers, a Hyperiondev online bootcamp, which is a more immersive experience, is the way to go. Most online coding bootcamps require 5-30 hours per week. The aim of an online bootcamp, states Business Insider, isto take in students with minimal coding knowledge and shoot them back out a few months later as employable software engineers”.

A Hyperiondev bootcamp may take place online and part-time. You’ll be paired with your own personalised mentor who will teach you coding best practice and help you when you get stuck. You’ll learn to write efficient, error-free code. Bootcamps also progress sequentially via three levels of difficulty: beginner, intermediate and advanced.

HyperionDev offers the following four bootcamps:


HyperionDev bootcamp

HyperionDev bootcamp HyperionDev bootcamp


Upskilling your career

A short course is ideal for developing a specific skill. Short courses are offered at various levels of difficulty, from beginner to advanced, and take place over a quicker duration, three months, than a bootcamp. 48.6% of developers, according to 2018’s Stack Overflow Developer Survey, have taken an online course in programming or software development.

The HyperionDev short courses include the following:

HyperionDev bootcamp

In conclusion, we’ve looked at the differences between a HyperionDev bootcamp and a short course and when each one is better suited to your career goals. Remember, you can enrol on a free trial with all the HyperionDev courses to see which program is better suited for your needs.

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