How working professionals can finance their bootcamp

Everything you need to know about getting a quick and easy study loan from Fundi or Student Hero, our latest student financing partners.

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Getting a study loan can be a confusing mountain of paperwork, fine print, and legalese. However, with our latest financing partner Student Hero you can quickly and easily apply to get up to 100% of your bootcamp financed upfront. That means less time spent worrying about making your monthly tuition payments, budgeting this expense into your salary while you work, and more freedom to focus on what’s important: learning to code and developing practical, job-ready developer skills for your tech career.

Our funding partners are the ideal choice for working professionals who are looking to upskill or even launch into a new career in tech. 

Here’s how financing with Student Hero works at HyperionDev. 



How Student Hero loans and financing works

Student Hero is a simple and quick way of paying for your coding bootcamp at a highly advantageous interest rate.

Student Hero’s financing works in close conjunction with South African banks: they apply for financing on your behalf (or on behalf of your sponsor, for example your parents, family, employer, or other financial supporter), which gives them a highly regulated structure with great interest rates over other financing providers. 

Based on your income and the other information you supply, Student Hero and the bank will structure a payment plan that best fits you. They’ll pay for your entire bootcamp upfront, so that you can study with peace of mind. Once you graduate, you can repay the tuition over a period of 10 months to a maximum of 5 years. 

Best of all, your application for financing is quick and easy, and will be approved in around 7 working days. 


What you need to apply for a Student Hero loan

To apply, simply choose your bootcamp and complete any necessary applications for your chosen study path. Once you’ve completed this process, you can apply for Student Hero funding  through your payment dashboard, by clicking on the Student Hero partner icon on your bootcamp course page or by contacting any one of our admissions consultants.

To complete your application, you’ll need the following documents:

  • A copy of your Identity Document and/or your sponsor’s Identity Document
  • Proof of Residence for you or your sponsor
  • Latest Payslip for you or your sponsor
  • Latest 3-month bank statement for you or your sponsor

For more information on how Student Hero funding works and so see if you qualify, visit the Student Hero website at or you can speak to one of our Admissions consultants.



At HyperionDev, we understand the barriers and challenges that stand in the way of getting a world-class tech education. Since our grassroots origins as a mentor network, to our rise as southern Africa’s largest provider of tech education, we’ve actively worked to make an essential tech skills education affordable and accessible to all, with no need for hundreds of thousands of rands in tuition, years of study, previous coding experience, or even a matric. 

If you’d like to explore your funding options with a person who cares about your access to a great coding education, please contact one of our admissions consultants. They’ll help you to navigate all your options when it comes to funding your coding bootcamp.


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