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10 free coding games to strengthen your skills

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Coding games have become a popular way for educators to help their students get to grips with computer science and programming basics. There are many free games available today that will teach aspiring coders of all ages how to successfully code in a variety of languages. And the best part is, the whole experience feels less like work and more like play.

While playing coding games certainly isn’t going to teach you everything you need to know, it’s a fun, creative way to round out your understanding of code and to enhance your skills. Here are our top 10 recommendations:


  1. CodinGame

CodinGame is a suite of solo and multiplayer turn-based coding games. You can play against your teammates and friends, which gives you the chance to match skills with fellow coders as you solve fun puzzles and challenges.

The games here cover more than 25 programming languages, including JavaScript, Perl, Python, Go, C++, C#, PHP and Ruby.

Check out what CodinGame has to offer here.


  1. Cyber Dojo

Flex your coding muscles with Cyber Dojo’s practice exercises for Ruby, Python, JavaScript, PHP and many more. You can play on your own or in a group. Each challenge includes an example showing what the end result should look like, guiding you towards your goal.

Do your “coding workout” at the Cyber Dojo here.


  1. Code Wars

Code Wars is on a mission to help players “achieve mastery through challenge”. On this beautifully designed site, programmers can improve their skills by training alongside others in real-world code challenges. Choose from one of 20 languages, prove your understanding of it with a basic test, and then you can get cracking.

Code Wars also helps companies to assess their prospective employee’s skills, and provides resources for educators with an automated teacher’s assistant for code classrooms.

Start your training with Code Wars here.


  1. CodeCombat

CodeCombat is a role-playing game that’s ideal for computer science teachers and younger students, but any coder can play along. The idea is to get students to type real, fast and accurate code; cementing the fundamentals of their programming skills. Players must move their hero character through the game’s various levels, using basic commands according to the tutorial provided.

Educational gaming is good for children’s brains, as it gives them positive motivation and rewards their “productive struggle” as they meet the challenges set for them. Older students will appreciate this way of learning too, using CodeCombat to get to grips with languages like Python, JavaScript, or even Lua, a game scripting language.

Start your CodeCombat quest here.


  1. Empire of Code

Empire of Code is a sci-fi strategy game created by CheckIO. Learn JavaScript or Python in a creative outer space setting, defending your base against invaders.

Learn more about CheckIO’s educational coding games or check out Empire of Code.


  1. Screeps

Screeps (meaning “scripting creeps”) is a massively multiplayer online (MMO) strategy game, specifically aimed at JavaScript developers. Players control units called creeps, which help them to mine resources and establish their territory, alongside other players and their creeps.

Explore the open world environment of Screeps here.


  1. FightCode

This is a fun one for anyone who grew up with a love of robotics. The goal of FightCode is to use your programming skills to create your own virtual robot – one that’s tough enough to win in a battle against other players’ robots.

Code your robot in JavaScript, challenge another coder to a robot duel, and see who will become the champion!

Start building your FightCode robot here.


  1. CSS Diner

This deceptively simple coding game takes the player through 32 increasingly complex levels, teaching the basics of CSS selectors. Each new level will build on what you learned in previous levels.

Try your hand at CSS Diner here.


  1. Ruby Warrior

As the name suggests, this is the game of choice for coders wanting to learn Ruby. Guide your hero on “a triumphant quest of adventure, love and destiny, all within a few lines of code.” There are beginner and intermediate levels for programmers at different stages of learning.

Start the Ruby Warrior adventure here.


  1. CodeMonkey

This is a good choice for coders aiming to design their own games one day. CodeMonkey uses a language called CoffeeScript to teach players how to code and build their own HTML5 games.

Get started with CodeMonkey’s game-based learning here.


Serious about coding?

While coding games are a great way to strengthen your programming skills, you can’t become a qualified coder on “fun and games” alone. An online coding bootcamp with expert mentorship will give you the training you need to launch your coding career.