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10 podcasts for mobile developers

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Podcasts are a great way to listen to experts talking about topics that interest you. Get exposed to new ideas and connect with some of the top app developers in the industry, while listening on the move. We’ve put together 10 podcasts for mobile developers to follow.

1. Developer Tea

With over 7 million downloads to date, Developer Tea is a short podcast that you can absorb during your coffee break. The content is updated frequently and covers a variety of topics, such as scaling, optimising code, prototyping and more.


  1. Core Intuition

This weekly podcast is an excellent listen for those interested in developing apps for Apple. The content ranges from highly technical topics to marketing and integration. You’ll find something on every topic you can imagine in iOS development, as well as a wide range of resources to take your interests further.


  1. Android Authority Podcast

This is one of the most popular weekly podcasts for anything related to the Android ecosystem, including apps, news and the platform itself. This podcast is great for Android developers as well as just Android enthusiasts.


  1. Fragmented

The goal of this podcast is to help you become a better Android Developer, but the contents are still easily digestible and fairly light weight. Topics include testing, best Android practices, useful libraries, patterns and more. It also includes interviews with top Android Developers.


  1. Constant Variables

This podcast takes a non-technical look at iOS and Android app development. The goal is to help non-technical founders of mobile app products become more comfortable with technical jargon and concepts so that they can turn their ideas into successful apps. You might, for example, cover which metrics to use to evaluate an app idea.


  1. React Native Radio

If React, a JavaScript library for assembling  user interfaces, is your language of choice for building apps, this weekly podcast will be just up your alley. It features a variety of developers who build in React Native and you’ll cover a range of topics from building mobile apps, animating in React, integrating tools, navigation, etc.


  1. Android Developers Backstage

Take a listen to the engineers on the Android team at Google with this podcast, which includes in-depth discussions and interviews. It’s a tech-heavy podcast for those who already have some grip on mobile development.


  1. Under the Radar

From development and design to marketing and support, Under the Radar is all about independent app development – it’s a great podcast for indie and iOS developers, and the episodes themselves are never longer than 30 minutes, making it perfect for your commute to work.


  1. Adventures in Angular

This weekly podcast is aimed at Angular app developers. You’ll cover development in the Angular community, tools, techniques and the ecosystem. Angular is a JavaScript framework maintained by Google.


  1. TechGenix IT Podcasts

Explore everything to do with IT with this podcast. You’ll hear about what it means to be working in IT, as well as the absurd and hilarious situations encountered in this career. There’s also a good dose of hardcore tech stuff, including servers, virtualization, cloud computer, cyber security, etc. If you are an IT professional or you want to become one, this is a good podcast to download.


We’ve mentioned ten podcasts for mobile developers, ranging from tech-heavy podcasts to those more appropriate for newbies. Check out the ten best podcasts for web developers here. Alternatively, if you want to develop your app coding skills, HyperionDev offers a Mobile Developer Bootcamp. You can do it part-time and under the guidance of an experienced coding mentor.