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The best websites for your developer job search

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Now that you’ve got your qualification and your developer job search has begun in earnest, where do you start? With so many online job resources out there, it can be hard to differentiate quality from quantity. To help you get the most from your online job hunt, here are our top website recommendations.


Indeed is a worldwide job listing search engine based in the USA. This job site gets over 200 million unique visitors every month. The site places a strong focus on job seekers, allowing them to create and upload their resumés, access thousands of job openings in their regions, and research companies, free of charge.

The site’s Essential Job Search Guide provides job seekers with valuable insights, from research tips to interview advice. There’s also a functionality that allows users to view salary ranges for popular job titles.


Glassdoor is a website that allows job seekers to search for open positions in the development field, and also lets current and former employees post anonymous reviews of companies. Job hunters can also look at personalized salary estimates, based on their field of expertise, their years of experience, and their location.


Monster is a UK-based site that also operates in Europe, the USA and Canada, the Middle East and Asia Pacific. Monster helps to match job seekers and hiring companies in a variety of fields. The site also provides tools like Monster Career Snapshots, and Monster Career Benchmarking.

Tech in Asia

Tech in Asia is the largest English technology-focused media source covering the Asian region. Developers can search for tech and startup positions in China, Japan, India, Malaysia, Vietnam and more. The site also covers tech trends and news in the region, and organizes tech conferences across Asia.


Graduateland is Europe’s largest career portal for graduates and students in search of jobs, internships and graduate programmes. As well as a job search function, the site also provides links to upcoming career fairs, and gives students advice on acing interviews and excelling in their first jobs.


JobRapido is an employment site that serves the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia Pacific. You can search for available job postings in your region, and if you’re unsure of the exact job title to search for, the site provides their top searched positions to guide you.


OfferZen is a South African site that helps developers find tech jobs that perfectly suit their skill levels. Job seekers can reach more than 800 applicants at once by making their details available on OfferZen. Applicants create a profile, chat with a skilled talent advisor, receive interview requests from companies, and find their perfect match.


Tips for your online developer job search

Use reliable platforms: Use trusted search engines and sites, like those listed above, which have high rates of traffic and proven results.

Brush up your skills: Read the industry news and interview tips on these platforms. They’re typically written by industry insiders, and will give you valuable information you need to make a good impression.

Do your homework: Research the employer beforehand. Take advantage of the company information and reviews provided on the websites above, so you get a feel for the company culture and history. This knowledge will help you with your cover letter.

Build your presence: Do some networking, both online and in the real world. Join industry forums, participate in industry surveys, and get your name out there on trusted job sites. Attend local tech networking events and get to know people – most employers like to put a face to a name.

Apply for a narrow range of positions: Don’t waste your time on “long shot” applications for jobs you aren’t well suited for. Keep your focus on positions where you can add value to the hiring companies.


Switch to a career in tech

Get qualified with an online coding bootcamp, run by coding specialists and dedicated mentors. Adding this qualification to your CV will get you noticed by prospective employers as you start your developer job search online.