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Can I use YouTube coding tutorials to teach myself programming?

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If you’re looking to dive into programming and get a crash course on the basics, YouTube coding tutorials can help you to start building your fundamental knowledge.

Here are a few YouTube tutorial channels that come highly recommended for beginner coders:


  1. Treehouse

Treehouse is the official YouTube channel of, a learning resource aimed at providing affordable tech education.

Treehouse tutorials cover topics like front-end and back-end development, machine learning, and languages from Python and C# to Java and Ruby. There’s also some handy industry advice for beginners, like an explanation of the different roles in tech companies, and guidance on which languages to learn first. Friendly faces present the content in a user-friendly way that’s easy to understand.  

Channel statistics: 484 videos | 213,380 subscribers


  1. offers a wealth of coding and website design tutorials for beginners, covering topics like JavaScript, jQuery, HTML and more. Channel founder Will Stern also offers helpful career development advice, outlining the career paths that coders can take, and explaining the order in which they should learn things.

Channel statistics: 149 videos | 520,362 subscribers


  1. Codecourse

Codecourse is a UK-based channel that’s all about helping coders to accomplish specific results using their skills. With these YouTube coding tutorials, you can learn to build your own apps, bots, games and social networks.

Channel statistics: 1,190 videos | 306,938 subscribers


  1. DevTips

DevTips, a partner channel to, is a little more advanced. It’s useful for web designers looking to learn more about coding CSS, HTML5 and other relevant skills. There’s also a series on building an online business, ideal for those aspiring tech entrepreneurs out there.

Channel statistics: 324 videos | 300,499 subscribers


  1. Derek Banas

Derek Banas is a tech professional with a channel dedicated to helping fellow coders (especially newbies) in learning new skills. His most popular tutorials include titles like the “Learn JavaScript in 30 Minutes” series, and “Learn Ruby in One Video”.

Derek Banas’ channel gives you a great way to get comprehensive information on popular coding languages in succinct, compact lessons.

Channel statistics: 977 videos | 864,445 subscribers


Tutorials Can Only Take You So Far

YouTube coding tutorials like these are very useful, but they won’t be enough for you to become a full-time developer. To get hired in this highly competitive industry, you’ll need a structured curriculum that gives you a well-rounded understanding of code, as well as an official qualification. YouTube videos also can’t give you personal attention or push you in the right direction when needed – you need a mentor to do that.

The good news is you don’t need to commit to an expensive multi-year course on a university campus to get qualified as a developer. Sign up for a part-time online coding bootcamp, for an efficient learning experience within a six-month window.  

Coding bootcamps are based on a proven educational model. The curriculum is built in partnership with world-leading tech firms.

The online format means you can easily learn at home or on the go – all you need is an Internet connection. This saves you so much travel time, and is also much more cost-effective than on-campus learning.


Personalised Learning with Real-World Applications

The bootcamp gives you hands-on experience, with numerous opportunities to write code that addresses real-world problems. Your work is then reviewed by specialist code mentors, and returned with personal feedback, to help you on your learning journey. This professional code review saves you the time and hassle of struggling with unknown errors or unexpected bugs.

In addition to an expertly tailored curriculum, your online bootcamp experience will also include personal mentorship. Full-time coding specialists provide insight and coaching to help their students reach their full potential. Take your coding knowledge to the next level, with a mentored online coding course.