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Christo: From self-taught coder to professional software developer

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Since childhood, Christo loved the idea of creating software. Because he was a  self-taught programmer, he always sought out potential upskilling opportunities. This led him to HyperionDev, where he enrolled on several different software engineering courses in order to become a software developer. He was excited by the flexibility and practicality offered by the institution. Says Christo:

I decided to take these courses with HyperionDev, because I could do everything in the comfort of my own home. Also, the courses are practical. Every evaluation and test is a practical application. It’s not just about theory – you actually build something.

Christo is a guy on the move. He currently works for Tennant Administration Services, which forms part of the Tennant Group. The company specialises in administering pension funds and they’ve built their own software suite during the 28 years they’ve been in business.


My role as a software developer is to maintain and develop the applications they have. I also build new applications, as the business grows and technology changes.

Christo acknowledges that before taking a course with HyperionDev he didn’t have the confidence he has now when pushing out code. He was always questioning whether he was writing code or building software the correct way.


HyperionDev gave me the knowledge to know that the software and code I push out is well-written code. The courses are so comprehensive with an abundance of information. After finishing the Python Software Developer MicroDegree, the fear of doing something wrong was gone and I finally finished a project that I had been working on for quite some time.

What was one of Christo’s favorite parts of his HyperionDev course? The mentors!


The mentors are awesome. They were always keen to help with the necessary resources I needed to either finish an assignment or to offer advice on a specific topic.

If you’re keen to upskill or you just want to enter the lucrative and in-demand field of tech (no previous experience necessary), HyperionDev offers online bootcamps in Full Stack Web Development, Data Science or Software Engineering. You can also trial one of these courses for free. If online learning is not your thing, you could enrol in an immersive face-to-face Web Developer or Software Engineering course in Cape Town or Johannesburg. Python is included in the Software Engineering and the Data Science bootcamp.