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Coding bootcamp provider HyperionDev announces three new partnerships in England

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Leading online coding bootcamp provider HyperionDev announces three new partnerships in England with the DfE, The University of Manchester and University of Nottingham Online 

  • The UK Department for Education (DfE) will fund over 1,400 places in the latest edition of HyperionDev coding bootcamps. Enrolment deadline is 25 November 2022 – visit skills.hyperiondev.com 
  • HyperionDev is further partnering with The University of Manchester and University of Nottingham Online to issue limited certifications to students 
  • Switching to a career in the cloud has been shown to significantly improve individual earning capability, with the average tech job paying 80% more than the average UK salary (source: technation.io) 
  • HyperionDev already delivers bootcamps in partnership with the University of Edinburgh 
  • HyperionDev is due to announce more partnerships with other Russell Group universities 

HyperionDev, one of the largest global providers of online coding bootcamps, is now working with three major education bodies in England: The Department for Education (DfE), The University of Manchester and University of Nottingham Online in a bid to bridge the widening tech skills employment gap in England. 

Through its partnership with HyperionDev, the DfE is offering over 1,400 potential learners the chance to enrol in a government-funded online coding bootcamp. With half the places already taken, the deadline to apply for the remaining 700+ is 25 November 2022. Applicants should be over 19 years old, live in England, have the right to work in the UK and be available to study from December 2022 to March 2023.  

These coding bootcamps in Data Science, Software Engineering and Full-Stack Web Development, which can be completed within just 16 weeks, give learners a non-degree certificate from HyperionDev – with limited certifications issued in partnership with The University of Manchester and University of Nottingham Online. 

Riaz Moola, founder and CEO of HyperionDev says:

“According to the UK government 2021 report ‘Quantifying the UK Data Skills Gap’, 48% of UK businesses were recruiting for roles requiring data skills. Of those, around 46% are struggling to find suitable candidates, meaning that there is a huge skills gap in this area. In the current economic crisis, the ability to code could significantly improve present and future employees’ salary expectations. I strongly believe that accessible tech education is the future of upward social mobility for tens of thousands of people across the globe.”  

In a competitive job market, skills such as coding have become crucial both for young people and for experienced professionals looking to reorient their careers. According to Tech Nation’s “People and Skills” 2022 report, tech salaries in the UK are on average nearly 80% higher than non-tech salaries. This reality has increased demand for bootcamps such as those designed and delivered by HyperionDev, which has expanded its operations significantly to keep up with the demand for its services.  

The HyperionDev programming bootcamp courses are targeted at individuals who are looking to give their careers a boost, explore other career paths or to keep up-to-date with the latest job market requirements. They can generally be completed within three to six months and have been designed to help learners become fully-fledged developers, whether they are from a tech background or not. All students have a specifically designated mentor to help them adapt their level to the courses and advise them on their future professional development.  

Professor Danielle George, Associate Vice President Blended and Flexible Learning at the University of Manchester says:

“Our new partnership with HyperionDev will make a significant contribution in addressing the national digital skills gap. Learning to code through bootcamps aligns with our Flexible Learning Strategy and our commitment to prepare young people for an increasingly digital, interconnected and intercultural world.” 

University of Nottingham Online is an initiative from the University of Nottingham that will focus on reaching a new set of online learners, running alongside its existing in-person courses.

Sarah O’Hara is the Chief Executive Officer for this initiative, and she highlights:

“We are delighted to be partnering with HyperionDev to offer coding bootcamps. Coding skills are in high demand across the UK and this unique opportunity allows anyone, regardless of their background, to gain these skills and boost their career aspirations.”   

In Spring 2022, HyperionDev joined forces with the University of Edinburgh – another Russell Group university – to offer three flagship online coding bootcamps. As of November 2022, nearly 3,000 students have already completed a trial bootcamp with many of the candidates on track to complete one of the three courses. The company, which was first launched in 2012, is due to announce future agreements with more Russell Group universities in the UK, and other groups internationally. 


Editor’s note: This post was originally published on 14 November 2022.