Dallas: From self-taught coder to lead developer

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Dallas Goldswain, a HyperionDev graduate, has been programming since the age of 4. He’s always been curious about how computers work, starting off with learning how to make simple games on his dad’s computer to keep himself entertained. He then familiarised himself with a wide variety of computers, from the ZX Spectrum to Apple Macs.

After 15 years of working in software development, Dallas was inspired by none other than HyperionDev CEO, Riaz Moola, to sign up for a course. Soon after completing his Software Developer course with HyperionDev, Dallas went on to start his own tech business, dallasLabs, which specialised in delivering software and technology solutions using open source software.


I consulted to various companies, bringing solutions to non-technical founders. I started this company after attending various meetups where non-technical companies and founders were expressing a need for technology resources.

Thereafter, Dallas moved on to other ventures. He now works as the lead developer for a non-tech company. He is involved in developing their internal systems so they can move away from third-party software.

Dallas’ HyperionDev course led him towards these varied career opportunities. He says the following about his course:


The structured learning of the course combined with practical training resulted in the development of new skills. I was then able to offer a wider variety of software solutions to clients.

Specifically, Dallas appreciated the value in the personal 1-on-1 mentorship offered by HyperionDev. He believes that personal mentorship prepares new candidates for teamwork and remote work, both of which are in-demand in the industry.  

Given his developer experience, Dallas offers this piece of advice for anyone looking to switch to a career in programming:


Write a lot of code in many languages to understand the different paradigms. The most important skill though, is problem-solving. Learn how to solve problems and create solutions using software. It’s a cliché, but there is no language better than another; instead, learn how to choose the right tool for the job.

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