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A day in the life of a HyperionDev student

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If you’re wanting to enter the lucrative field of coding, what can you expect? We catch up with Clarinda van Wyk, a 36-year-old Kempton Park resident, who recently completed the HyperionDev Software Engineering Bootcamp. She tells us what learning coding part-time is really like.

Clarinda describes herself as “very technical and logical”. She says: “I decided to do this course because I knew it would play to my strengths.  Also, I didn’t just want to learn how to code in one language. I wanted the full spectrum of Software Engineering.”

Before deciding to study Software Engineering, Clarinda considered two aspects of her personality which were relevant to her choice of future career. “I’m ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and I’d describe my personality, according to the Myers–Briggs test, as INTP, a very logical personality type,” she says. She explains that online courses, because of her personality style and ADHD, frequently bore her and she tends to procrastinate.

“I couldn’t make it through the first 2 or 3 lessons of most online courses and they didn’t offer the broad spectrum of understanding that I was looking for; however, when I went through the syllabus and the free online trial with HyperionDev, I knew I had found a place that could keep me engaged with what I was learning. It offered everything I was looking for in a condensed, easy to understand but interactive manner.”


A typical day when learning coding part-time

When learning coding part-time, how does a typical day look for Clarinda? She explains that she was able to work full-time doing administration and assistant bookkeeping during her Software Engineering bootcamp. She says: “I made time to study after work, and during lunch times.  I was also always the first person at the office, so once I had planned my day, I would play around with my tasks for an hour or so. During lunch, I would eat while coding or watching YouTube videos about concepts I hadn’t quite grasped. In the evenings, I’d code for 2 or 3 hours after dinner before spending time with my husband. On weekends, I slept late, but would spend a few hours coding before spending the rest of the day with my husband. Honestly, I had ample time to rest and do my normal daily activities between work and study.”

She explains that the course never interfered too much with her life, because the concepts were relatively easy to understand and the learning curve was gradual.   “As you move from task to task,” she explains, “ you naturally grasp new concepts because the foundation from the previous task is solid, and easily built upon. Even if you don’t understand, your mentor is readily available and can quickly clarify any misunderstandings for you. Of course it took a bit more planning, and some understanding from my loved ones to ensure I got everything done in time.”  


Freaking myself out

She utlilised a novel method to motivate herself through the course. I would “freak myself out,” she states, “by looking at the very last task of the module with which I was busy. I would then realise it would be a challenge to get it done, and this would force me to really pay attention to every task ahead of it, even if it may have felt tedious.  By the time I got to the ‘scary’ last task, it was a piece of cake, and I could really see that I had learned and progressed. Of course I also knew my mentor was always available if I didn’t understand a concept or what was expected. He always had a good explanation to get me back on track.”

And her plans from here on? Clarinda is busy learning coding part-time on her second  HyperionDev course. She’s currently doing the Data Science course, which she should have under her belt by November. “I decided to do this course because I have a strong interest in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning,” she says.  “It is more challenging than my previous course, but well worth the effort, as it brings much of what I’ve already learned into a different perspective and application.” Clarinda is also job hunting. “I’ve connected with a few software engineers on LinkedIn who have offered their help and guidance. One of the things I love most about the tech industry is how incredibly humble and helpful most people are.”


If you’re interested in learning coding part-time, consider enrolling on a HyperionDev bootcamp in Full Stack Web Development, Mobile Development or Software Engineering. You can also try out any of these courses for free on the trial. Read more about what you can expect on your free trial with HyperionDev.