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Employer Success Stories: HyperionDev Bootcamps Connect Top Tech Talent with Leading Companies

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In today’s rapidly evolving tech landscape, finding skilled and motivated talent is crucial for the success of any company. That’s where HyperionDev steps in, empowering individuals from diverse backgrounds to thrive in the tech industry through its comprehensive coding bootcamps. By the end of their bootcamp, HyperionDev ensures students are job-ready and equipped with the skills needed to excel.

Collaborating with employers across various industries, HyperionDev connects these talented graduates with potential job opportunities. Companies partnering with HyperionDev gain access to a pool of exceptional talent ready to break into the tech world.But don’t just take our word for it—hear directly from our partners about their experiences working with HyperionDev and the significant impact it has had on their organisations.

Alternative paths to tech education

Traditional education isn’t the only way to enter the tech industry. Intensive bootcamps offer focused training to equip individuals with essential tech skills. HyperionDev’s bootcamps in Data Science, Web Development, Software Engineering, and Cyber Security provide a direct path into the tech sector for aspiring professionals.

As Daniel Lenton, CEO of Unify, notes:

“HyperionDev is working on an important mission: truly democratising software engineering skills and knowledge for people with a diverse set of backgrounds. Many of our engineers have no formal training in coding, and have taken the initiative for self-education. HyperionDev represents another avenue for people looking to break into the field.”

Equipping Graduates with Industry-Ready Skills

Throughout three bootcamps, HyperionDev provides students with industry-ready skills, ensuring they are well-prepared for the demands of the tech industry. Rashida, former Senior Customer Success Manager at Clu, attests to this:

“Partnering with organisations that prioritise inclusivity and skill-based growth aligns perfectly with our mission. HyperionDev’s commitment to training and upskilling individuals for roles in software engineering positions truly resonates with us. We’ve witnessed the tenacity of their graduates, who are equipped with a wide array of skills.”

Collaborating with HyperionDev for top tech talent

Muhammed Rebaney from Falcorp Technologies with Avril Jack at our Alumni Event in March 2024.

Companies across various sectors have successfully worked with HyperionDev to hire tech talent. These partnerships have provided companies with motivated and highly skilled graduates, contributing to their success in the tech industry, as our partners can attest.

Wiley Edge – Khadijah Pandor, Head of Partnerships, EMEA & NA

“Over the past year, HyperionDev has become a trusted recruitment partner for Wiley Edge. Their technical bootcamp tracks provide quality training to job seekers, which makes them a strong fit for roles with Wiley Edge. We have interviewed and hired graduates from HyperionDev and look forward to continuing our partnership”

Albany Beck – Anna Little, Talent Acquisition Consultant

“HyperionDev and their training has continued to provide Albany Beck, along with many other clients, with high-quality, motivated and eager graduates. These are qualities that we regard highly at Albany Beck, making our Pioneers into great consultants – thanks to HyperionDev.”

Empowering Your Organisation with HyperionDev

As potential employers, partnering with HyperionDev means gaining access to a pool of skilled, motivated, and diverse talent ready to make a positive impact in your organisation. Join HyperionDev in empowering the next generation of tech talent and driving innovation forward in the industry – partner with us here.