Hyperion Selected to Attend Investec Silicon Valley Trip

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In today’s technology-focused industry, startups and established companies alike are increasingly looking to the mainstays in the technology industry for advice and inspiration. With this in mind, the Investec co-founded startup En-novate takes entrepreneurs from South Africa to other parts of the world to allow them to make global business interactions and to become more globally competitive. In 2016, En-novate is exposing a group of shortlisted startups to an experience in Silicon Valley, California in the United States.


This year HyperionDev was chosen by Investec as one of South Africa’s fastest-growing startups, and its director Riaz Moola was selected to be a part of the En-novate Young Entrepreneurs Silicon Valley trip. Getting a chance to attend the trip was highly difficult, with 10 startups applying for every one place on the trip, making the jostling for a position very competitive indeed. Being able to participate in this experience will be hugely eye-opening allowing entrepreneurs to learn about venture capital ecosystems, and how other  startups have scaled up successfully.


Moola will also be part of the first-ever African delegation attending the Silicon Valley Open Doors Conference. This exclusive event allows startups to access Silicon Valley funding from some of the world’s top investors.


Other entrepreneurs selected include Lungisa Matshoba, co-founder of South African mobile-based credit card payment solution Yoco, Claudia Swartzberg, founder of TopDog, Africa’s largest EdTech company, and radio host and personality Gareth Cliff of CliffCentral.com.


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The trip will include meeting with Silicon Valley’s top venture capitalist Bill Draper, visits to $2.9 billion-worth social giant Facebook, meetings at Google’s HQ, and a day with Vinny Lingham, one of South Africa’s most successful technology entrepreneurs. There will also be opportunities to engage with startup incubator Blackbox, Silicon Valley Bank, and Sequoia Capital, one of the world’s most prestigious venture capital firms, which has funded the likes of Apple, Google, WhatsApp, PayPal, LinkedIn and YouTube.


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