finance your coding education with mobicred

Finance your coding education with mobicred

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Siphilile Magubane, 25, worked as a personal trainer before deciding he wanted to enter the lucrative field of coding. He knew he wanted to study part-time and online. “One of the biggest benefits of part-time, online learning relates to flexibility. I could still earn some money as a trainer while upskilling. It was just a matter of how best to finance my career transition. That’s when I heard about mobicred, a novel way to finance my bootcamp.Read on to find out how to finance your coding education with mobicred, among other ways.


How can I finance my bootcamp?

There are many ways to finance a coding bootcamp, including:

  • Plan and save: A Business Insider case study works out that if you forego your daily purchased coffee, you save in the region of $1000 per year.
  • Try for a scholarship: Plenty of coding bootcamps offer scholarships on the basis of financial need or merit. Here’s a list from Course Report of scholarships on offer for bootcamps.
  • Crowdfund: Digital Trends lists some of the best crowdfunding sites online including Indiegogo and GoFundMe.
  • Apply for a student loan: After surveying reports from 73 qualifying coding schools, Course Report found that the average salary increase after a bootcamp was 50,5%, which equated to $23,724 extra per annum, so you should pay back your student loan fairly quickly.
  • Opt for a different payment plan: Many bootcamps offer a variety of payment plans, from paying the full amount at a slightly discounted rate upfront to paying off the course over the duration of study. HyperionDev offers several payment plans, including a monthly option and a significant discount if you choose to pay upfront.
  • Work sponsorships: If you’re planning on continuing your full-time employment during your online coding bootcamp, consider speaking to your employer – they may want to invest in the skillsets of their employees. Make sure you sell it to them by stating how your skills will benefit the company as a whole.

But there’s another way to pay for your bootcamp, mobicred – a simple credit facility for purchasing a HyperionDev online coding bootcamp. “We believe coding should be accessible to everyone, everywhere,” states Riaz Moola, HyperionDev’s Founder and CEO. And mobicred ensures this is the case.


mobicred: how does it work?

It’s simple to finance your coding education with mobicred. Here’s how it works.

  1. Apply once online.
  2. Accept the terms and conditions and get your credit limit.
  3. Buy your HyperionDev bootcamp. Click on the link found on the HyperionDev Tuition page to set up your mobicred account. Once your account has been set up and approved, simply choose the PayFast option on the checkout page and select the mobicred payment method. Enter your mobicred details and that’s it!
  4. Pay one single monthly instalment for the next 12 months.
  5. Securely manage your account online or via your phone.


So what are the application requirements for mobicred?

  • A valid SA ID number.
  • 18 years or older.
  • A minimum monthly salary of R550.
  • An existing and valid bank account in your name.
  • A current and valid email address and mobile number.
  • The submission of 3 months of your most recent bank statements or payslips.

Once mobicred has approved all your supporting documents, the good news is that it only takes up to one business day for your mobicred account to be approved.

And how is it all paid back? The credit amount shown for each product available for credit is based upon 12 monthly repayments. Interest is charged at 21% per year and excludes the set-up and service fees for mobicred.


With mobicred, you can change careers today. HyperionDev offers online coding bootcamps in Full Stack Web Development, Mobile Development or Software Engineering. Today is the day to sign up for the career you’ve always wanted.