Student Success Story: Arpit Rimza

From Bootcamp to Barclays: Arpit Rimza’s Journey with HyperionDev’s Data Science Bootcamp

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Meet Arpit Rimza, a Glasgow-based graduate who embarked on a transformative journey with HyperionDev’s Data Science bootcamp. This intensive programme paved the way for his successful transition into the role of a Technology Analyst at Barclays. Let’s delve into Arpit’s experience and explore how the skills acquired during the bootcamp allowed him to seamlessly transition into his new role.

HyperionDev’s Data Science Bootcamp: A springboard to tech careers

HyperionDev’s Data Science Bootcamp is designed to transform aspiring technologists from novices to skilled professionals ready for the tech industry. Participants in this comprehensive programme, like Arpit, are equipped with a wide range of skills crucial for a career in data science and technology. The bootcamp covers essential areas such as coding and programming, data analysis, machine learning, and more, ensuring students are well-prepared for real-world challenges.

Skills gained: Programming, Machine Learning, and More

Arpit’s journey through the Data Science Bootcamp provided him with essential skills that have been directly applicable to his role at Barclays.

Programming and coding skills, machine learning and AI

“Completing HyperionDev’s Data Science Bootcamp has equipped me with a diverse skill set that directly aligns with the role of a Technology Analyst at Barclays,”

Proficiency in Python and R allows him to conduct automation and collaborate with developers efficiently. His understanding of machine learning algorithms and AI concepts from the bootcamp also helps him develop predictive models and enhance fraud detection systems, which are crucial tasks in his role at Barclays.

Data analysis, interpretation and visualisation

Arpit’s ability to analyse and interpret complex data sets, a skill developed during the bootcamp, is invaluable in his current role.

“I’ll be working with large volumes of data related to technology processes, user behaviour, or financial transactions,” he explains. “I can leverage my expertise to extract valuable insights, identify patterns, and make data-driven decisions to optimise Barclays’ technology systems and processes.”

Problem-solving and critical thinking

The Data Science Bootcamp emphasised problem-solving and critical thinking skills, which are instrumental in addressing various challenges. Arpit notes,

“Whether it involves optimising technology infrastructure or finding innovative solutions, my analytical approach will be a valuable asset.”

These skills help him navigate and resolve complex issues at Barclays, ensuring smooth and efficient technology operations.

Collaboration and communication

Collaboration and communication were key components of the bootcamp experience.

“During the bootcamp, I worked on team projects and improved my communication skills. These abilities will come into play at Barclays, where I’ll collaborate with technology professionals, stakeholders, and business teams to align technology initiatives with the organisation’s objectives effectively.”

Continuous learning and adaptability

The ever-evolving field of data science requires continuous learning and adaptability, a mindset that the bootcamp instilled in Arpit.

“The bootcamp emphasised the significance of continuous learning and adaptability,” he says.

This approach ensures he stays updated with the latest technological advancements, making him a valuable asset to Barclays as technology continually evolves.


Arpit’s journey from the Data Science Bootcamp to his role at Barclays highlights the effectiveness of HyperionDev’s comprehensive programme. The skills he acquired during the bootcamp, including data analysis, programming, machine learning, problem-solving, and collaboration, have been directly applicable in his new role, enabling him to contribute effectively to Barclays’ technology initiatives.

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