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Gina Fabienne: From office manager to web developer

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Gina Fabienne has performed various roles in her work experience, from au pair to office manager. During her time as an office manager, Gina was tasked to develop two online stores for the company she was working for. From that moment, she fell in love with web development and the rest is history.

“After [I built these online stores], I was hooked and wanted to get into development and help companies grow their businesses through their websites and ecommerce stores. I also knew that development was set to grow in the coming years and I wanted to be where the market and money was going.”

Gina has always had a passion for websites and improving them. She sees a website as the customer’s first impression of a business and wants to help businesses develop their online presence.

Currently, Gina works as a Junior Web Developer at Cartmell & Cartmell Communications, a web design agency. Gina’s daily responsibilities consist of communicating with clients, which range from corporate sites to learning management systems. She loves getting her work done and feeling accomplished at the end of the day. So, how has HyperionDev helped prepare her for this role?


“HyperionDev gave me the confidence and ability to assess problems. Working through the tasks by myself with the help from a mentor during the bootcamp taught me how to work through my current work tasks by myself and only ask for help when I’m really stuck.”

Gina’s favorite parts of the course were learning how to solve problems and coming up with solutions for the tasks, while enjoying the research and learning new skills. She has this piece of advice for budding developers:


“Programming takes a few tries before understanding sets in and that’s okay! There will be some good days and some difficult days, but pushing through it and making it is worthwhile. That achievement of completing a course and getting into a dream career that you are passionate about is worth all the hard work.”

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