Graduates’ success

Graduates’ Success: How 26 students cracked the code to launching a tech career

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Many people believe that graduates’ success is defined by their career prospects. While tech skills are becoming increasingly relevant and crucial in today’s job market, many people with these sought-after skills do not know how to get job placements or even where to find them.

HyperionDev graduates have a leg up in this regard. Not only are they exposed to industry-leading code review and quality course content during the bootcamps they enrol in, but the Career Services team assists them in finding a placement at their dream company. 


How HyperionDev’s Graduate Programme supports student success

HyperionDev’s Graduate Program and Career Services platform aid bootcamp graduates at every step of the jobseeking process. The Graduate Programme takes place over 90 days post-bootcamp and is run by the Career Services team. It offers three levels of career development support to ensure graduates’ success in securing job placements. 

The programme is free to all HyperionDev graduates and provides technical career readiness, alumni networking, and an introduction to the tech industry. As part of the programme, graduates will be taught how to optimise their CV, write an engaging cover letter, excel during interviews, and build a portfolio that makes them stand out from the crowd. 

Following the technical side of career development, graduates will be introduced to fellow alumni, allowing for independent networking. The connections made during alumni networking often lead to job placements and sometimes even the commencement of collaborative projects. Graduates are also introduced to HyperionDev’s hiring partners, which allows them to network with potential employers.

One graduate, Amy Marais, said the following about the Graduate Program:


“I believe the post-bootcamp support that HyperionDev offers is unmatched. Because of my really good LinkedIn profile, I was able to attract the attention of multiple CEOs and recruiters, who then reached out to me to either set up an interview or to have me send through my CV. These CEOs and recruiters were from Cape Town, Johannesburg, and even Singapore.“


Graduates’ success in finding job placements post-bootcamp

The efficacy of HyperionDev’s Graduate Program is seen in its results. Within 6 months of graduation, 95% of graduates achieved the career goals they set for themselves when enrolling in their bootcamp. On average, graduates report increasing their salary by 23%.

Many HyperionDev graduates learnt all their tech skills from their respective bootcamps alone. Over 50% of graduates held only a higher certificate or high school education, and less than 20% had work experience in an IT-related field before enrolling in the bootcamp. This is what makes graduates’ success stories even more impressive.

In March 2022, 26 HyperionDev graduates found job placements at top tech companies. These companies include:

  • Mohara
  • Sovtech
  • Code infinity
  • OneNebula
  • Flux Full Circle
  • &Wider
  • Logix design and development
  • HyperionDev

One graduate, Kyle Julies, who works at VMG Software, says that HyperionDev’s prestige also helps its graduates to find job placements:


“I discovered VMG Software through HyperionDev. My employer already knew of the value of HyperionDev because they’ve hired their graduates in the past, and that might have assisted me with getting an interview.”


If you are keen to upskill with an institution that will also help you secure job placement post-graduation, register for a HyperionDev Bootcamp today. Who knows— you could be our next student success story!