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Hannes – From Procurement Manager to Web Designer and IT Technician

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Many of us have jobs that we’re comfortable with. Jobs that are good – for right now. If you’re planning for tomorrow, however, you’d probably want your career to grow at a constant rate, and go to work at a place that is providing for your financial and personal fulfillment needs. When Hannes Grobbelaar realised that his Right Now wasn’t right for his Tomorrows, he made a choice that more and more career professionals are making: start the switch to a new career in technology, digital services, or programming. And this switch started with an online, part-time Software Engineer Bootcamp at HyperionDev.

I used to work as a Procurement Manager. I thought the company’s growth prospects were poor. I wanted to earn a better salary. I wanted to work remotely, and be able to work from wherever I want.

The intensive focus of the course let him add to his available career options, and develop new skills that enriched his procurement background and opened up new work opportunities that require a digital touch. 

As Hannes showed, making the jump to a new career requires two things: hard work, and good support. HyperionDev’s mentor-led model was there to help him constantly improve his code, which was being developed for realistic industry needs and applications.

It was a lot of hard work, dedication, and sacrifice. But there are 24 hours in a day, you can work 18 hours and sleep the other 6 hours. So fitting in the studies was no problem. But if it wasn’t for the certificate on my name and the 6-month practical course, I wouldn’t have landed this job.

And his mentor Nkosi was there every step of the way.


The code reviewing process was very supportive, and it was an absolute pleasure working with him. I had challenges with Java, but I worked harder and studied more.

And the results speak for themselves: Hannes has already started his new position as a Web Designer and IT Technician and developer, working more and more with automated systems. 

Making the move to take up a whole new career path can be scary, but it’s one that Hannes recommends. 


Do it!!! Never quit, because the light on the other side is worth seeing!!!

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