Hyperion Takes Students from Aspiring Programmers to Fully-fledged Software Developers in South Africa

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Hyperion’s courses can change lives. This is exemplified by a recent partnerships between Hyperion and the Cape Innovation and Technology Initiative in a which a cohort of aspiring software developers based in Johannesburg and Cape Town were trained on two of Hyperion’s most popular online courses: The Certified Software Developer MicroDegree and the Full Stack Web Developer MicroDegree

Students registered for the programs from across South Africa, and the majority had no prior programming experience and have not worked as software developers in the field. The MicroDegree combination chosen allowed students to first gain a breath of knowledge in programming technologies through the Certified Software Developer content – delving into popular languages such as Java, Python, and C# – before then gaining depth in web development technologies through the Full Stack course in which students were taught how to craft both the front and back-end of complex web applications using Javascript, HTML, CSS powered by the Python Django web development framework.

Hyperion’s lead trainer Sobane Motlomelo working with the CapaCiTi students in Cape Town.

The success of the trial program, funded by the South African Jobs Fund has strengthened the partnership between Hyperion and Citi, and a scaled-up version of the program is set to launch in 2017 with significantly larger student numbers supported from locations beyond Johannesburg and Cape Town.

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Author: Riaz Moola

Date originally published: 19/09/16