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HyperionDev employee stories: Dayle Klinkhamer

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Our bootcamps stand out because of the personal, expert mentorship that every student gets. Our mentors aren’t just better than bots at helping students to learn how to code; they also bring their personal experience and insights to help students understand why code is written a certain way, strengthen their coding skills, and learn industry-standard coding practices. More importantly, our mentors understand what it’s like to learn how to code as a total beginner. This experience helps them to guide new coders and present difficult concepts in easy-to-understand ways. In this HyperionDev employee story, we look at one of our newest team members, Dayle Kinkhamer, and his role in our mission-critical team of mentors.

Dayle Klinkhamer is the latest coding mentor to join our team, and he doesn’t just understand coding well – as a HyperionDev bootcamp graduate, he knows our bootcamps like the back of his hand. Mentors like Dayle make all the difference not just in our mission to close the growing global tech skills gap, but in being a friendly and helpful human face that helps people in their journey to learning to code and becoming job-ready developers. 


What do you enjoy most about being a HyperionDev employee? 

I am new to the company but was made to feel welcome instantly and I did not feel like I had to fight to be heard. Everyone seems to sit at an equal status level which is awesome!


What’s the heart and soul of your role at HyperionDev? 

I want to use my skills I have learned in the tech space to help others in their journeys as I find this to be a rather fulfilling effort.


What motivates you to come in or log on in the mornings? 

I know that I will have students waiting for me that need my assistance!


Tell us a bit about your professional development as a HyperionDev employee. 

HyperionDev has offered me the opportunity to work for them as a full-time mentor while also giving me the chance to do additional courses allowing me to upskill while I work.


How do you ensure that you keep yourself upskilled & knowledgeable in your field of expertise? 

I am fully immersed in the tech sphere and have been for as long as I can remember, it is easy to be in the know when you are passionate and surrounded by like minded people who are just as driven


Which of HyperionDev’s 4 core values resonates with you most & why? 

I would have to say that the core value of ‘Problem Solving’ resonates with me the most. I have always had a curious mind and have always enjoyed a challenge and there is nothing quite like the thrill of that ‘A-ha!’ moment when you figured something out or you can see it working. It’s that, “wow look what I managed to do after all that struggling” feeling that makes it all worth it. So sharing that with others is amazing


What’s a fond memory you have of working at the company?

As I am new, I suppose it would have to be landing the job! However, I was also given the chance to take on a new project within the company shortly after joining.


What makes you feel PROUD to be a HyperionDev employee? 

Every time I can see a student just grasped something new that I once struggled with.



At HyperionDev, we’re always looking for talented professionals to join our team. Whether you’re a specialist in project management, a gifted developer, or someone who can code and is passionate about tech education, there’s a place for you in our diverse and international team. As a HyperionDev employee, you’ll enjoy more than just fulfilling and challenging work with a fast-growing, internationally scaling start-up – we provide medical insurance, extensive remote working allowances, a generous leave policy, and real avenues for career growth, experimentation, and promotion.

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