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HyperionDev Employee Stories: Sobane Motlomelo

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Even the best education is nothing without an orderly, well-structured learning environment and system – and keeping our bootcamps at their world-class level requires a team of expert educators and operations specialists. In this HyperionDev Employee story, we look at Sobane Motlomelo, our Education Operations Manager, who has been with HyperionDev from its very start. From personal mentoring, to sales, to marketing, Sobane has been a part of many facets of HyperionDev’s inner workings – and his years of experience and passion are a vital part of keeping our bootcamps operating at peak success.

Sobane joined HyperionDev when it was started in 2012. As a final-year student studying Computer Science & Mathematics at the University of Cape Town, Sobane started as a mentor, helping hundreds of students with their roadblocks in programming. He excelled at it, and soon grew to lead a vast international network of volunteer coding tutors and mentors. Over the next few years as a HyperionDev employee, he would take charge of many different projects and departments, from marketing and community management to sales, and today serves as our shining example of the possibilities that lie where hard work and career development opportunities meet.


Tell us about your beginnings at HyperionDev

I consider myself very lucky: I’ve been a part of HyperionDev from its very beginning in 2012. I started out mentoring students (because of my background in Computer Sciences) but since then I have had a chance to experiment and grow across a range of teams. I’ve headed up Marketing, managed different local and international HyperionDev communities, overseen Developer Relations, led the Sales team, and worked at the helm of Customer Support. Now, I’m back in Education. 

Each of these has been a wonderful experience with lots of lessons and challenges – but more importantly they were a lot of fun, and they contributed greatly toward my professional development. HyperionDev has helped me challenge and push myself beyond my comfort zone, and I’ve been able to develop a really wide, rich skill set – especially under the continued guidance and coaching from the CEO, Riaz Moola. 


What does your job involve?

As Education Operations Manager, I make sure that the bootcamps are working efficiently and that students are learning. My role oversees a lot of interrelated elements: properly onboarding all bootcamp students, making sure our bootcamps and content are up to date with industry practices, monitoring students’ progress, and ensuring that each of our students receives excellent support and experience throughout their journey with us. 


What motivates you to come in (or log on remotely) in the mornings? 

I’ve always loved education and helping people. Being able to directly contribute to and impact someone’s life in such a meaningful way is greatly fulfilling. We cater to a wide range of demographics, and there’s nothing as heartwarming as witnessing students successfully graduate from our bootcamp and ultimately reaching their career goals. Every time I see a student graduate, I’m reminded why I love what I do. 


What do you enjoy most about working as a HyperionDev Employee? 

The diversity of the team makes work interesting and engaging; and working alongside some of the smartest people I’ve ever met has been nothing short of inspiring. The cross-team collaboration is amazing and everyone at HyperionDev is goal-driven. 


What are your biggest achievements since you joined HyperionDev?

I’ve been here since the beginning, so there are definitely too many to list: but if I had to pick it would be our run of successes in 2016, when HyperionDev won first prize on the Africa Innovation Challenge run by Facebook’s Internet.org, and we got invited to attend Facebook’s Annual F8 Conference in Silicon Valley. I got to meet and network with a lot of incredibly hard-working, talented people – one of them being Mark Zuckerberg.  There was also the time I got to travel to EdTechXAsia in Singapore alongside 10 other tech start-ups from South Africa. These are just a few of the incredible opportunities I’ve been afforded at HyperionDev, and they’ve been such an important part of my career development. 


How do you ensure that you keep yourself upskilled and knowledgeable in your field of expertise? 

I believe learning never stops, especially in the tech space. Because of this, I’m a very busy guy: I’ve always got my nose in the latest industry journals or publications, and I try to squeeze as many conferences, workshops, and EdTech events as I can into my calendar. 


What would you say is the most important value someone would need to work as a HyperionDev Employee?

I’d have to say the HyperionDev core value of ‘Progress Always’. As a leader, I’m all about building up from above. I believe in continuous learning and improvement: always exploring new ideas and opportunities while excelling at your craft. 



At HyperionDev, we’re always looking for talented professionals who care about making an impact through accessible tech education. If you have a passion for education, and want a fulfilling career that makes a daily difference in people’s lives, then we think you should join us. Our diverse, international team enjoys medical aid packages, remote working allowances, a generous leave policy, and – as Sobane’s eight-year journey proves – real avenues for career growth, experimentation, and promotion.

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