Hyperion Graduates: Where are They Now?

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Ever wondered what happens to people after they finish their online coding bootcamps? Do online coding bootcamp graduates really find jobs as easy and as quick as graduates with computer science degrees? See for yourself! We decided to follow up on some of our graduates to see where they are currently working and how HyperionDev has led them to where they are today. Read how HyperionDev helped them find their dream jobs.



Julian studied the Full Stack Web Development bootcamp part-time and is from the UK. His full-time job is as a SAS developer, which he had been doing for the last decade. ‘I wanted to change careers,’ he says, ‘into web development.’


Julian’s internship is at Uthini, a company building chatbots for learning Xhosa that is also part of the Injini EdTech incubator. ‘The internship has been a great way to consolidate bits of self-taught web development, as well as a steep learning curve for new topics, mainly Python and Django,’ explains Julian. ‘I feel I now have an increased level of competence in terms of setting up Django projects from scratch and implementing custom models and views.’ Julian was able to secure this internship through an introduction from HyperionDev and has been working remotely for Uthini from the UK.




Yusuf did the Mobile Developer bootcamp at Hyperion.  Now he’s accepted a job offer as an Android developer at a company called RapidDeploy. ‘They do dispatch software for emergency services,’ he says, ‘which is similar to something I tried pursuing on my own.’ The good news for Yusuf is that he’s been working towards this kind of job for eight years. And so I’m obviously very happy about the offer,’ he adds.


‘Before that, I did an internship at Injini, Africa’s first EdTech incubator with whom HyperionDev has partnered. I worked with a start-up called Mtabe, an offline search engine for secondary school students that uses artificial intelligence. I loved my time working there and thanks to my HyperionDev bootcamp, I could really get stuck in.’



Merousha completed the Mobile Developer bootcamp. She says: ‘I’m now working with a company called Accelerated. They are putting together a teacher training and mentoring platform for the African context.


Says Merousha: ‘I was given the task of designing and developing a mobile app that allows teachers to login and have access to the Accelerated content. The app also allows teachers to display a profile of their basic information and to communicate with one another.’


‘Honestly, working on a real-life project and having responsibility for it was rather daunting at first. I did not know what to expect. However, I felt more confident after revising my course notes and the technical knowledge I had learnt on my HyperionDev bootcamp.  I’m now feeling much more confident and fired-up.’



Chengetai completed the Full Stack Web Developer bootcamp at HyperionDev. He’s completing his internship with Yo’Books, an e-bookshop based in Ethiopia and also part of the Injini incubator, in the evenings and on weekends. ‘The internship has really provided me with the opportunity to apply what I’ve learnt to a real-world situation.’


He explains that it’s always necessary to carry on researching a subject in the tech field. ‘I am familiarising myself with Gitlab,’ he says. ‘I like to add to my knowledge every day, as I discover new ways of coding and best practice.’


It’s great to see HyperionDev students flourishing in their respective internships. It’s always ideal to follow up a course with application in a real-world setting. If you’re interested in mentor-led online courses in the tech field, check out these bootcamps and short courses.