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From Sales Analyst to Data Analyst: Ivaylo Genov’s Journey with the Data Science Bootcamp

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Meet London-based Ivaylo Genov who completed the DfE Data Science Bootcamp at Imperial College London in partnership with HyperionDev and landed a role as a Junior Data Analyst at 3B Soft. With a background as a Sales Data Analyst and a student of Financial Economics, Ivaylo aimed to enhance his data skills and improve his career prospects. Here he shares his journey through the bootcamp and how it has shaped his career in tech.

Finding the right fit: High-quality teaching and industry reputation

HyperionDev’s focus on quality instruction and strong industry connections resonated with Ivaylo, leading him to choose their Data Science Bootcamp to enhance his existing data skills and open up new career opportunities.

My motivation for choosing HyperionDev is simply for their high-quality teaching and reputation in the industry. [There were] quite a few positive reviews from the alumni and higher employability chances after completion.

Bootcamp skills development and Ivaylo’s career growth

“I did have some prior coding experience, but the bootcamp really helped me with enhancing my technical skills,” Ivaylo says, specifically mentioning his desire to improve his Python knowledge, machine learning skills, and data processing capabilities.

The bootcamp proved instrumental in achieving these goals. Before completing the bootcamp, Ivaylo received a job offer for a Junior Data Analyst position at 3B Soft, where he now performs data analysis using statistical methods and data visualisation tools. He collaborates with team members to develop industry-relevant reports and contributes to data-driven decision-making.

Utilising bootcamp resources for success

Ivaylo found the resources provided by HyperionDev, such as lecture notes and the ability to rewatch lectures at any time, beneficial in his learning process. “I did not book any mentor sessions because I managed to understand the concepts in my own time if not during the lectures,” he explained. This flexibility allowed him to review and understand the material at his own pace.

Although Ivaylo found his job independently, he appreciated the support from HyperionDev’s Career Services. They provided guidance on preparing for job applications and interviews, which was valuable in his job search.

Gaining confidence through the bootcamp experience

Reflecting on his experience, Ivaylo feels more confident in his technical abilities.

The bootcamp journey really enhanced my skillset. I would say [it] prepared me quite well for real-world projects and problem-solving. I feel much more confident and sure in my technical abilities.

Ivaylo would recommend HyperionDev bootcamps to others, having already suggested it to a couple of his friends.

I want to thank HyperionDev for giving me the opportunity and I hope that they continue to teach people how to be successful in the tech industry!

Ivaylo’s story highlights how HyperionDev’s bootcamp can help individuals improve their technical skills and advance their careers in tech.

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