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Khethani: From Business Management Graduate To Strategic Consultant at IBM

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After Khethani completed his degree in business management, he was struggling to find a job in his field. Following his passion and interest for IT that started in high school, he decided to do the Certified Software Developer MicroDegree with HyperionDev. He chose this specific course as it offered three programming languages he really wanted to add to his “programming toolbox”:

“I took a chance and decided to do the [course] as it offered Java, which I already was familiar with, and 2 other languages I wanted to learn: Python, which is used in data science, and C#, which I was always interested in.”

During his course with HyperionDev, Khethani loved the practicality and flexibility of the content and curriculum.

“I loved that it was hands on. It wasn’t a bunch of theory shoved down my throat, but it was practical work and I had to develop actual applications. I love that I was given freedom to do it my own way, which I truly enjoyed.”

HyperionDev courses are structured to include several practical assignments, as well as various niche capstone projects, where students can apply their learnings, allowing them to build up a portfolio of their work while studying.

Throughout the course, a personal mentor is there to review your code and be there if a student ever feels stuck. Khethani in particular created a special bond with his mentor:

“Honestly the mentor I had was amazing. So much so that we’re still in contact up to today. He is so knowledgeable about development and constantly motivated me and helped me throughout the course.”

Today, Khethani is working as a strategic consultant with IBM, the global IT company known for its innovations and achievements in computer software and client services. He works on a variety of projects, ranging from Cognitive Development and application development, to architecture and analytics. The range of day-to-day responsibilities Khethani has shows how diverse a career in software development is.

He offers this piece of advice to aspiring developers:

“Don’t give up. It gets extremely tough. Take a step back, get a fresh perspective, and more often than not, you’ll get a solution.”

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