top 5 IT courses in Cape Town

Learn to code Cape Town: top 5 IT courses in Cape Town

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If it’s job security and high demand you’re after, perhaps you’re considering a tech career for 2019. Find out the top 5 IT courses in Cape Town. Let 2019 be the year you implement those tech career plans.


  1. codeX

This full-time, one year coding program is based in Harrington Street in Cape Town’s East City Precinct. The curriculum focuses on Full-Stack web development. The goal is not to teach specific frameworks, but to expose students to the building blocks of programming so that you pick up whatever framework you require at a later stage. Students learn to build secure web applications using encryption, authentication and authorisation, and then deploy to the cloud. The core curriculum is based on JavaScript, but graduates use various tech stacks including Ruby, Python, PHP, .Net and Java.

The 2018 cost is R70,000 (ex VAT). Eligible coders with demonstrated financial need could qualify for a Stipend Scholarship for transport and living costs, as well as Tuition Sponsorship covering some or all of the tuition costs. The school also offers loans on commercial terms.


  1. Wethinkcode

This Non-Profit organisation has a unique vision involving no teachers or classes; students learn via a peer-to-peer problem solving environment. The two-year course is sponsored by companies looking to support the development of local tech in the digital economy, which means there are no tuition fees. The aim of the program is to teach students how to solve problems using coding as their tool.

Anyone can apply provided you’re between the ages of 17 and 35, and you’re able to study full-time for two years at one of their campuses, situated in Cape Town or Johannesburg. No prior education or coding experience is required. To get into their course, you have to pass their online application. Successful applicants are invited to participate in a Selection Bootcamp and then ultimately onto the full-time course.


  1. School of IT

This school offers both online and face-to-face tuition in the Western Cape. They offer a wide variety of courses, including PC Engineering, Web Design, SQL, Programming courses, AutoCad, Social media and MS Office. Programming courses include C#, Java, Python, Android and C++. School of IT focuses on the practical side of programming and IT.


  1. CodeSpace

CodeSpace offers a range of full-time and part-time face-to-face courses that include lecture and project days. The full-time courses include Web Development Extended (R37,500, 17 weeks) and Web Development Intensive (R29,500, 15 weeks). The aim is to create functional, interactive web applications using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL.

There are a variety of part-time coding courses including coding websites (HTML and CSS), Intro and Intermediate JavaScript, Intro to Deployment, Intro to React, Intro to SQL – courses range from 2-4 weeks in length.


  1. HyperionDev

You’ll be paired 1:1 with an expert mentor as you work your way through industry-aligned course content. With next-day code reviews, on-demand feedback and direct referrals to their handpicked hiring partners, you’ll be well on your way to landing your tech dream job. HyperionDev offers three online coding bootcamps:  Full Stack Web Development, Data Science or Software Engineering.

The Software Engineering bootcamp ensures you’ll master Python, Java, Object Oriented Programming and machine learning to guarantee your future as a software engineer. Students learn how to use the right software and techniques during the Data Science bootcamp to read visual and statistical data and to present the data in a way that solves real world problems. The Full Stack Web Development course teaches you to build your own dynamic, data-driven web applications. Learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js, MongoDB, Express, React, Python and Django part-time and online.  

With HyperionDev, you can enrol on a free bootcamp trial at no cost (and learn Python) before you purchase a course to assess how the learning program works for you.


In conclusion, we’ve covered the top 5 IT courses in Cape Town:  codeX, Wethinkcode, School of IT, CodeSpace and HyperionDev. If you’re keen to change careers in 2019, check out one of these courses. Remember, few industries offer job security like a career in coding does. This is a result of the global tech skills gap, and the ever-growing demand for industry expert coders. Let us know of any other tech courses in Cape Town you’d recommend in the comments.