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Our HyperionDev Career Expo was a great success

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The past month of June has seen our biggest and most successful Tech Career Expo yet! A special notice of appreciation and gratitude to everyone who attended and participated in this 2-day event hosted on the 29th and 30th of June. We are very proud and excited about the line of industry partners and employers who presented at this event.

Here are the guest speakers who shared their invaluable insights:

Francios Van Louw from SOCO_ED

Francios Van Louw is a South African entrepreneur with a passion for marketing, branding, the youth market and all things tech. Having worked in the marketing and content creation industry for over a decade, he founded Just Brands Africa in 2013 – a company of which he is currently also the managing director.

SOCO-ED is an adaptive online learning platform, used by the likes of Stellenbosch University, Central University of Technology and other independent educational institutions and is fast becoming the preferred online educational solution for many leading educational institutions in South Africa.

With Van Louw’s keen interest in the youth market and by following a consumer-first approach, SOCO_ED is set to disrupt and change the way learners view and engage with education on digital platforms.

Paula Macnab from Yellow

Paula Macnab – Head of Brand and Communications

Yellow‘s purpose is to make life better for customers living in Africa.

Through a digital technology platform, Yellow enables a distributed network of sales agents to serve rural households with life-changing products and services.

Rachel Joffe and Kevin Da Silva from Entersekt

Rachel Joffe – Talent Development Coach @ Entersekt.

Rachel is hugely passionate about people’s development and having an impactful relationship with the world around her. Since she entered the talent management and development space in 2007, she has been refining her skill set so that she can best support the teams she works with, in changing lives. Rachel is dedicated to working with people and organisations that strive for positive, solution-focused approaches and are not afraid to employ non-traditional methods in working towards their mission.

Kevin Da Silva– Technical Talent Specialist @ Entersekt

Kevin is an Experienced Team Lead with a demonstrated history of working in the staffing and recruiting industry. he is  Skilled in Local Area Network (LAN), Sales, Databases, Management, and Recruiting. And is  Strong information technology professional with a National Diploma focused in Management from Cape Peninsula University of Technology.

Entersekt was born with bright ideas and big dreams of solving the problem of fraud consumers have to deal with on a daily basis. Over time, a secure, simple, and user-friendly experience became increasingly important. This helped to crystallize the company’s vision: to make the digital world not only a safer place for all but more user-friendly too.

As the business continued to grow, the knowledge gained from working with financial institutions, technology partners, and industry experts proved invaluable in establishing Entersekt’s core offering: a single authentication hub that allows consumers to transact securely and easily on any digital channel, from any device. Today, Entersekt touches the lives of more than 65 million people across 50 countries – and counting.

What sets us apart? By remaining honest, humble, and authentic in our approach, we’ve become known as one of the few globally trusted fintech companies to consistently deliver on their promises, without fail.

Bakuena Ntshasa from Bandbook

Bakuena Ntshasa as the co-founder is involved in all aspects of consumer intelligence and shopper behavioural research. His focus is mainly on sales, product and systems innovation, business strategy, product strategy, and general management of the rest of the teams. One of his most important responsibilities is to help ensure that Brandbook remains a high-performing team focused on delivering value back to its users and clients at all times.

At Brandbook they unlock your brand’s capability to know what shoppers are buying and why. All with a click of a button.

Daniel Montague from Ezoic

Daniel Montague is a HyperionDev, Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp graduate. He has gone on to be a Software Engineer for JP Morgan in the United States and is currently a sales engineer with Ezoic in London.

Ezoic uses AI to help sites gain the most out of ads they place. We also help with SEO and other Core Web Vitals. As the first Google Certified Publishing Partner, we have great ties to Google and other big players in the tech world.

Wahlied Cole from Scoothero and Quikr 

Wahlied Cole is an Experienced Director with a demonstrated history in the logistics and supply chain industry. He is Skilled in Negotiation, Operations Management, Import, Freight, and Retail, and is a Strong professional with a SMDP focused in Management from Stellenbosch University/Universiteit Stellenbosch.

Scoothero – The first food, grocery and delivery network marketplace ecosystem.

Quikr– The most cost-effective same-day delivery partner in South Africa from as little as R50 per order.

Zahed Rassool – RRZ Innovations

Zahed Rassool AKA ZEE is an apple-loving (yes the tech), fun-going, semi-authentic, family-driven, young professional.  He is the type that aims way too far and believes that he can always embed himself as part of the solution.  The type that makes promises that his team needs to fulfil.  He was Voted best daddy by his firstborn and the current rock-paper-scissors Champion at RRZ.  A serial entrepreneur that debugs his way through life.

RRZ Innovations consists of a team of talented individuals who share the same dream. We pride ourselves on our efficient software design, quick workflow, excellent service and professional outlook on business relations. RRZ Innovations has grown to employ an elite group of developers and designers who regard customer satisfaction and great software as part of their core values. You will always receive top-quality products from us and you can rest assured that we deliver on time. 

Starting off developing simple Content Management Sites (CMS) for a small group of clients we found that we were quickly growing and ended up venturing into .Net and biometrics. This led to an influx of clientele. Our hunger for new challenges combined with excellent software and great hands-on service ensured the return of many of our clients as well as an influx of new clients through word-of-mouth. Some of our main income is generated from assisting and consulting for other Software Development companies that do not have the manpower or expertise to complete projects on their own, as well as the development of custom Business Management Software (BMS). 

We have many products in the Public and Private sectors which include Municipal Productivity, Websites, Webapps, Hosting and Native Mobile Applications in iOS, Android and BBOS10. 

RRZ has made great strides in the advancement of municipal productivity as well as business management systems while creating a stable platform to help educate newcomers in the field of graphic design, website design and information technology.


Our Career Services team provides post-bootcamp support to keep our graduates in the loop and informed of the updated trends on the job market, expected salary scales, introductions to industry experts, information about available graduate placement programmes, industry projects, jobs, internships and a whole lot more. 

We also give graduates holistic career development, from their CV and technical skills, to networking, events, and industry introductions. Providing our graduates with the skills, support, resources and mentoring to engage with industry and the job market. Through our Graduate Programme of intensive career support and development, we prepare our graduates to be job-ready for the tech industry.