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Now is your chance to be a part of what we know is the tech education model for the future, and join us on our next phase of growth as we expand into international markets and build technology that enables humans to support one another in tech education in more sophisticated ways. 

We’re offering the public a time-limited opportunity to join leading investors in our mission of closing the tech skills gap in a way that recognises the potential of both people and tech in the online education space. 



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You’ve heard the old joke. Teaching a developer is like growing mushrooms. You keep them in the dark and feed them bullsh*t.

There’s just one problem: developers are not mushrooms. 

They’re not sheep. They’re not bots. They’re not bricks in the wall. 

They’re people. 

At HyperionDev we believe that the future of humans is technology, and that the future of technology is humans. 

Since 2012 we’ve been teaching humans – not mushrooms – to code, using personal mentorship that’s affordable, accessible, and gives people what they need: real tech skills they can use to find work.

“Hi, my name is Riaz Moola. I’m the founder and CEO at HyperionDev. I started this company to find an effective way to teach people coding using a combination of humans that teach online and technology. Today we’ve grown into one of the largest providers of tech education, not just in Africa and the UK, but the world. We’re opening up this opportunity to let you invest in us and be a part of our journey.

Edtech is one of the world’s fastest growing industries, as millions of people and businesses come online and depend on technology to work, live, and stay connected. This growth in internet and tech use is so rapid that there’s a critical shortage of people with the skills to use them. To put it plainly, there’s a growing tech skills gap across the world, which we’re filling, one student at a time.  

Our personally mentored bootcamps teach people the essential tech skills that our world and every industry rely on. They’re an affordable and accessible alternative to expensive and time-consuming traditional education, putting critical skills into the hands of people who need them in months, not years, and without a mountain of student debt.

Coding can be confusing. It’s even harder, when online portals and bot-led bootcamps reject your code for… er, we’re not sure why.

That’s where our beginner-friendly human mentorship model comes in. 

A human mentor understands the challenges that new programmers face, they can explain confusing concepts, and they won’t reject your code because it doesn’t match a pre-programmed answer.

Our 1-on-1 mentorship has led to incredible student retention and lower dropout rates, so that students have a better chance at graduating as intended. The way we do things has  helped thousands of students graduate as professional developers.

Our model is even designed for low-bandwidth or limited-access students, so that people can learn to code anywhere, even when reliable internet isn’t a thing. That makes our bootcamps easy to launch and scale anywhere in the world.

“With HyperionDev, your investment is based on real, natural growth and a track record of intercontinental recognition and financial backing.” 

You want numbers? We’ve got numbers.

Since HyperionDev began, we have over a hundred thousand student registrations. We’ve received $300k in seed funding from Google and Facebook. What’s more, our revenue has grown 640% in just two years and we’ve hit profitability in 2020. Plus, we have achieved 254% active user growth during lockdown in the same year. 

Our bootcamps aren’t just successful and financially sustainable. They’re also popular and well received by the people we teach. 

This success is all thanks to our growing team of 72 passionate educators and experts.

“I’m Nico, Head of Education here at HyperionDev. My team is responsible for making sure that our content and teaching approaches are relevant, dynamic and aligned to industry standards. Our boot camps are a trusted way to get into the tech industry and we make sure that we teach our students only the tech skills that they really need in order to succeed.”

“Hey there, I’m Nizaam. I’m part of the mentorship team. I personally mentor students on how to code. Coding can be a very difficult and frustrating venture if you’ve never done it before. Everyone has a different way of learning – that’s why we’re here to help tailor this experience to everyone’s needs. It’s a human touch that just works.” 

“I’m Julia and I’m part of the Career Services team at HyperionDev. For us, it’s not just about teaching students how to code – it’s so much more than that. We help them with support as mock interview training, career coaching and planning sessions – all with the aim of helping to connect them with the right opportunities or internships in the tech space.” 

“Our mission is to close the growing tech skills gap. We’d like to offer you the opportunity to join leading investors to help HyperionDev achieve this goal.”

“We just started off as a community of students helping other students to achieve their goals and graduate with a computer science degree. Today we support more students in becoming developers than nearly all of these original computer science departments combined and have grown to one of the largest tech education providers, not just the UK and Africa, but the world.”

 “We’ve grown revenue nearly 700% in just two years and reached profitability, proving that our model is scalable. Be a part of the next phase of our growth as we expand into international markets and build technology that enables humans to scale education. 


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