Top Tech Events of 2018

Remaining top tech events of 2018

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Are you looking to wrap up 2018 with a bang? If you’re keen to expand your network, learn the latest tech trend or meet prospective clients or investors, a tech event might be just the spot for you. Basically, it’s an excellent way to give your career a boost and to become inspired by meeting like-minded people. Let’s have a look at the remaining Top Tech Events of 2018 – where they’re happening and what they’re about.


October: Top Tech Events of 2018

Geekwire Summit

Where and When? October 1-2, Seattle, Washington
What is this tech event about? This technology conference brings together more than 900 innovators, entrepreneurs, business executives, media and tech leaders to explore the future of the innovation economy. An immersive two-day conference, the Summit features on-stage Q&As, insightful talks, and interactive product demos by leaders in tech, science and business. GeekWire Summit speakers this year include the CEOs of Ring, Boeing, eBay, Redfin, Impinj, the Gates Foundation and many more.


Where and When? October 1-3, Boston, Massachusetts
What is this tech event about? This Marketing Technology conference is aimed at marketing and tech savvy professions, including data scientists, digital strategists and growth hackers.


November: Top Tech Events of 2018

PASS Summit

Where and When? November 6-9, Seattle, Washington
What is this tech event about? The world’s largest community of technical data professionals come together for a week of learning, networking and career development. Developers, DBAs, Architects, BA/BI, IT Pros, DevOps, if you work with data, you’ll fit right in. Founding partner Microsoft is on-hand to answer technical questions, provide support, and detail all the latest technological advances.

WSJ Tech D.Live

Where and When? November 12-14, Long Beach, CA
What is this tech event about? This is the Wall Street Journal’s premier technology event. Engage with leaders in business and technology, senior WSJ editors and executives. As an attendee you can expect to participate in three days of smart debate, insightful discussion and meaningful networking.


Where and When? November 27-29, Cannes, French Riviera
What is this tech event about? Are you working in digital trust technologies? These include SSL certificate, internet security, blockchain, wallet, etc. If so, this event is for you. Meet up with industry professionals and hear about the latest innovations in banks, institutions and retail payment, as well as enterprise security and connected objects. There are also events about government, citizen industry and public security.

IoT Tech Expo

Where and When? November 28-29, Santa Clara Convention Centre, CA
What is this tech event about? With more than 500 speakers and 350+ exhibitors, this is the place to explore new innovations in the Internet of Things. You’ll cover topics like connected transportation with the help of IoT, smart cities with IoT, connected living, IoT in wearable devices, data security in IoT, smart buildings and infrastructure.


December: Top Tech Events of 2018

ICT 2018 Imagine Digital – Connect Europe

Where and When? December 4-6, Vienna, Austria
What is this tech event about? With more than 6000 conference participants from 91 countries worldwide, join one of the biggest ICT conferences in Europe. This research and innovation event will focus on the European Union’s priorities in the digital transformation of society and industry.


And early 2019:

CES 2019

Where and When? January 8-11, Las Vegas, Nevada
What is this tech event about? This is the launch spot for innovators and breakthrough technologies  – it’s the global stage for next generation innovators to introduce their ideas to the marketplace. This event deals with consumer technologies.

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