Should I Learn HTML & CSS?

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HTML and CSS are frequently used for web development. They form a core part of a Full Stack Web Developer course along with other programming languages or frameworks like Django, JavaScript, etc. Besides web development, they also have other uses. So should you learn HTML and CSS? Read on to find out.

HTML and CSS: What Do They Do?

HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) tells your browser how to display text and images in a webpage. You use tags to represent the various elements, determining the placement of paragraphs, headings, data tables, embedded images and video.

Here’s some HTML. Can you work out how this would look?

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[What do these HTML tags mean?

Body – defines the main content of the website

P – indicates a paragraph]

CSS, or Cascading Style Sheets, on the other hand, adds styling, such as fonts, colours or layouts to your website. It’s not a markup language, like HTML, or a programming language, but a style sheet language. For example, CSS lets you write code to make all the headings on your page blue; you would only need a single instruction for that instead of hand coding each heading separately. In other words, HTML allows you to build the structure of your website, while CSS allows that structure to come alive.

See if you can recognise the CSS in this example.

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In this example, the the code in red refers to the CSS.

Are HTML and CSS commonly used?

Both HTML and CSS are frequently used in the developer world. Check out this graph, which shows commonly used programming languages, from the 2018 Stack Overflow Developer Survey.

Reasons to Learn HTML and CSS

Consider these advantages when deciding if you should learn HTML and CSS.

Before deciding whether you should learn HTML and CSS, what are the expected salaries for these two languages? As an HTML and CSS developer in the United States, you can anticipate an annual average salary of $60,602, according to PayScale. The upper range is $92,432.

In closing, learning HTML and CSS seems like an excellent place to start in your web development career. Think about enrolling for the free Full Stack Web Developer trial via HyperionDev. You’ll cover basic HTML and CSS. This will give you an excellent sense of the two languages. Judging by their popularity, earning potential and cool features, the answer to the question, ‘Should you learn HTML and CSS’, is a resounding ‘yes’.