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Student Spotlight: Ashley Chaplin – Full Stack Web Development student

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Ashley Chaplin has always been interested in web development. He enjoyed playing around with websites and web development platforms, but turning this into more than just part-time experimentation had never been a personal goal – until the global lockdown happened. 

With the lockdown forcing thousands of businesses to migrate to online and remote work, Ashley decided it was time to fully develop this essential tech skill. He joined an online, full-time Full Stack Web Developer bootcamp, so that he could follow his ambition to become a professional web developer. We asked Ashley a few questions about what led him to join a coding bootcamp, his experiences on the bootcamp so far, and his plans for the future.


Why did you decide to join a coding bootcamp?

I have been using platforms such as WordPress and Wix for the last few years, assisting with the look and design of websites using these pre-coded components. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, I decided to dive deeper into web development to understand how these pre-coded components were constructed, but more importantly to fully focus on web-development as a career.


What were you doing before this? If you’re studying your course part-time, what work are you currently doing?

I had completed my Master’s in Japan and returned to South Africa to visit my family before returning. Unfortunately, global lockdowns changed my plans significantly, so I decided to take action and really improve my web development skills.


What do you most enjoy about your bootcamp?

It challenges you. Some may view this negatively, but for me this is the best way to learn. Failure leads to success. Every time I break the site I am working on, I know that fixing it and making it better with more efficient coding will be my success.


What excites you about the future of programming or web development?

The 4th Industrial age includes machine-learning and AI, but also the advent of ecommerce and the vital importance of websites and these websites’ efficient functionality. I view the Corona pandemic as a war – and every war has inspired innovation. I believe that in the last 7 months, new innovations have emerged in the tech space – and behind every innovation is a programmer.


What app (or website) would you have loved being involved in as a coder – and why?

Wix.com. I think it’s an amazing site. Coding the many components and making it easy for anyone to create a website is amazing, and I believe that this website is true value for money.


What is your advice for people thinking about coding or web development as a career?

They have to be willing to put in the time. It’s a challenge but seeing what you are creating become functional and working is exciting. Any change involves some pain and difficulty. Do not shy away from it but push through it and your success is assured.



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