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Student Spotlight: Joel Issosa – Software engineering student

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Joel Issosa thought he knew what he wanted to do at university, until he tried it out. A short time into his Archives and Records Management course, he realised that the program didn’t align with any of his interests. Joel decided to join a HyperionDev coding bootcamp instead. That way, he would be able to follow his passion for technology as well as develop a skill that is in high demand. 

He decided to enrol in an online, part-time Software Engineer bootcamp at HyperionDev, so that he could learn these essential tech skills without having to quit his job. We asked Joel a few questions about what led him to join a coding bootcamp, his experiences on the bootcamp so far, and his plans for the future.



Why did you decide to join a HyperionDev coding bootcamp?

I was studying Archives and Records management with the University of South Africa but I decided to drop it as it did not align with my interests. I decided to take this software engineering bootcamps because I wanted to dive deeper into the realm of coding. I am currently working part-time which allows me to study part-time as well.


What do you most enjoy about your bootcamp?

I enjoy solving the complexity of the tasks given as it allows me to think out of the box and utilise my abilities to try and solve the problem that’s in front of me. The software engineering bootcamp gives me the excitement of being able to create real software right at my fingertips.


What was it like having your own mentor during your coding bootcamp? How did they help you?

My mentor has been great and he helped me in so many ways. Whenever I needed him he would help me to solve something that I could not, and he helped me think more like a programmer or software engineer, rather than just act like a teacher guiding a student. I loved it!


What excites you about the future of programming and software engineering?

The fact programmers are going to be job secured as they play a vital role in any company. With things becoming more digital, programmers will constantly be needed everywhere in the world and in almost any industry.


What is your advice for people thinking about coding as a career?

Coding is not what it is portrayed to be. We often watch movies and see just how easy those coders make something so complex seem, but it really isn’t that bad. Anyone can learn how to code with the right motivation no matter how old, but that doesn’t mean that it will be easy.



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