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Student Spotlight: Kwanele Ndenze – Full Stack Web Development student

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Kwanele Ndenze knew that he wanted to learn to code. While looking for jobs that would bring him a bright future, Kwanele realised that essential tech skills would be at the heart of not just the best jobs vacancies he found, but of every job of the future. Now, thanks to a bursary that we created for new students, Kwanele has been able to join a HyperionDev Full Stack Web Developer bootcamp, and is learning the full stack and web development skills to become a professional developer. 


“I want to work in a stimulating job. earning an excellent salary, and perhaps working remotely from home, where I’m my own boss and I work the hours I want to work. I joined this coding bootcamp to upskill myself so I can increase my chances of securing an internship as a developer. I believe that tech will become critical in everything: inventions like The Internet of Things will be the new norm, and developers will be employable forever.”

The 24-year-old from Bloemfontein recently started his Full Stack Web Developer bootcamp, and has been hard at work learning beginner and advanced techniques in full stack development in his online, full-time course. Thanks to HyperionDev’s bootcamp design and focus on accessibility and openness, Kwanele is making good progress on his bootcamp.


“I love the fact that I’m able to do my tasks at my own pace. I’m working hard: I’ve been able to complete all my coding tasks by myself. The code reviewing process has been very supportive, because I know if I’m on the right or wrong track.”

Our bootcamps are designed to accommodate people who have never had any coding experience – in fact, around 73% of our graduates have had little to no coding experience before joining us. 

They’re also open to anyone, of any age and any educational background – no matric required. 

According to our 2020 Student Snapshot report:

  • 27.8% of HyperionDev students had only their Matric when they started
  • Over 50% of students have not been educated past university
  • 76.2% of all students have little to no coding experience

Find out more about our bootcamps’ newcomer-friendly, accessible design, and the thousands of students we help learn to code in our 2020 Student Snapshot, available for download here



If you’re interested in learning to code, or want to upgrade or secure your career with essential tech skills, our bootcamps are the perfect starting point. They’re beginner friendly, accessible, and open – they require no previous coding experience. HyperionDev offers online bootcamps in Full Stack Web Development, Data Science or Software Engineering, or on our modern campuses in Cape Town or Johannesburg. Our beginner-friendly course structure and close mentor support ensure you have the support you need to make consistent progress toward graduating as a job-ready developer.

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