Student Spotlight: Lisa Kelbe – Software Engineer Bootcamp Student

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29-year-old Lisa Kelbe, from Cape Town, is currently enrolled on the on-site HyperionDev Software Engineer bootcamp, which includes Python, Java, Object Oriented Programming and machine learning. It’s a career at the heart of the digital economy, with endless scope for growth. Lisa had previously completed an MSc in Biochemistry. Here are her reasons for choosing this particular coding course.

“I know most companies need programmers, so I’m keen to develop these in-demand skills. Also, I want to travel and I know there are overseas work opportunities for those with programming skills. Lastly, I want to make a meaningful contribution in my field. Computer science is growing in every industry and biology, one of my fields, is no exception to this.”

As far as her actual course goes, Lisa is finding the experience a very positive one. She sums it up like this:


“The tasks get progressively more challenging as you add more programs, but the pace is perfectly suited to your ability.”

And of course all HyperionDev courses include both personalised mentorship and code review. A code reviewer helps with knowledge transfer to the author of the code. The code reviewer analyses the code for correctness, readability, documentation, efficiency, etc. Lisa really enjoys the code reviewing process at HyperionDev. She says:


“It’s great, because it showed me alternative ways of solving programming challenges. I’ve also found my code reviews to be very supportive, because I can then see if I’m on the right or wrong track.”

Check out Lisa’s story on how she enjoys her HyperionDev on-site campus experience in Cape Town. 


Lisa studies on-site at HyperionDev’s Woodstock campus. Here she has access to her 1:1 mentor, Thabang Bhili. As far as the learning experience goes, she describes it as “personalised”. And it seems that she experiences the best of both worlds. Says Lisa:


“Although I like working things out for myself, it’s also ideal to check in with a mentor to find out whether I’m on the right track.”

Where does Lisa see herself in five years’ time? She acknowledges that the future in computing offers endless possibilities, specifically those offered by AI or Artificial Intelligence. She says:


“I want to biochemically map pathways in cells in drug development. Chemical reaction mapping is an emerging field within biology. The knowledge and skills I’ve picked up at HyperionDev will definitely help me reach that goal.”

If you’re keen to upskill or you just want to enter the lucrative and in-demand field of tech (no previous experience necessary), HyperionDev offers online bootcamps in Full Stack Web Development, Data Science or Software Engineering. You can also trial one of these courses for free. If online learning is not your thing, you could enrol in an immersive face-to-face Web Developer or Software Engineering course in Cape Town or Johannesburg.

The last word needs to go to Lisa. Would she recommend her coding course to others? Her response is in the affirmative. She says:


“I would recommend HyperionDev to pretty much anyone who wants to further their knowledge of coding, even if you’re a beginner. It’s an excellent course, because, in a relatively short time, you will come out with a firm understanding of many concepts.”