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Student Spotlight: Logan Meadows – Software Engineering student

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Ever since his teen years tinkering with Minecraft servers, 20-year-old Logan Meadows has always had a passion for programming. However, it was only later in life, while he was working as an IT technician, that he decided to pursue his passion and develop his tech skills further, with the practical, job-ready skills taught in the HyperionDev Software Engineer bootcamp. In this HyperionDev student spotlight, we asked Logan a few questions about his experiences on the bootcamp so far, why he signed up for a bootcamp, and what his plans for the future are.


Why did you decide to join your HyperionDev Software Engineer bootcamp?

“I’ve had a passion for programming since I was 14. I discovered Minecraft servers and how I could create amazing new add-ons that no other server had by programming. However, my issue was that no matter how hard I had tried, I struggled to learn Java by myself – even after taking multiple online courses. After I matriculated in 2019 I knew my true passion was in programming. So after my gap year, I joined HyperionDev in hopes of finally understanding the depths of programming, and after 2 months of non-stop hard work, I can finally say I’ve started getting the skills I’ve dreamed of having for years.”


What were you doing before your Software Engineer bootcamp? 

“I did a lot of volunteer work as an IT technician for the medical department at Wits University. My main job there was setting up computer labs during the lockdown period, as well as assisting both students and academic staff with all the computer issues they had. This took my love for tech and education and put them together into a perfect first job.”


What do you most enjoy about your bootcamp?

“The thing I love the most about the course is the way it approaches education. In every task we do there is always a problem you have to figure out and solve. The reason I love this is that I’m not just being spoon-fed documents and then thinking I’ve learnt something when I haven’t. The tasks we get really show me how much I’ve learnt and understood, and have really reinforced all the things I’ve learnt . They’ve truly helped me get to the point I’m at today.”


What excites you about the future of programming?

“Everything! I love seeing how programming has had such an impact on the world. Programming and tech are improving and changing the world massively, and knowing that I could be part of these massive breakthroughs excites me more than I can express.”


Could you comment on what it’s like having a mentor during the HyperionDev program?

“I can’t really comment much on it other than marking, seeing as I’ve never actually needed to have a call with the mentors. However, based on the reviews I’ve gotten of my coding submissions, they’ve been great. I’ve always had speedily reviews and my feedback has been able to help me improve certain sections of my code.”


How are you experiencing the code review process? 

“The code review really takes my coding to a new level. It feels very professional – just like it’s done in the industry.”


What app (or website) would you have loved being involved in as a coder – and why?

“I actually have a huge goal to one day work as a developer for Discord, because it’s an app I am always using. I’d also really love to be able to contribute to one of the few social media applications that I actually use – that would also be an amazing job.”


What is your advice for people thinking about coding as a career?

“My advice is something I don’t think many say: if the only reason you’re looking at a coding career is that ‘I can quickly change my job and make lots of money’, then this is not the path for you. However, if you really have an interest in how programming works, how applications are made, and so on, I highly suggest joining the bootcamp. It’s been really insightful and has really boosted my confidence and abilities in programming.”


What kind of dev work do you dream of doing in the future?

“My current goal is actually to become a mentor for HyperionDev. A job that would combine my two biggest loves: teaching and programming. I can tell it’s something I love because since Day One on my coding bootcamp I’ve actively been helping other students on the discord (including getting into calls with other students) and the student forum and I can’t help but smile when a student just goes “ohhhhhh” when the thing I’ve helped them with clicks, or when they just say “thank you so much it means the world to me.” So during my entire time at HyperionDev, I’ve been working hard and aiming high to hopefully become a mentor after I graduate.”



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