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Student Spotlight: Lolontle Moatshe – Software Engineering student

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Over the past couple of years, 24-year old Lolontle Moatshe has realised how significant and central technology is to everything we do – and 2020 confirmed that realisation. As thousands of businesses moved online and remote to cope with the ‘new normal’. Lolontle knew that tech skills would be essential to get ahead in this changing career space. So he enrolled in an online, part-time Software Engineer bootcamp.

Lolontle has big ideas for his career, and dreams of launching his own tech start-up, creating the next killer app, or working with NGOs to help build up other people with these newly learnt essential tech skills. We asked Lolontle a few questions about what led him to join a coding bootcamp, his experiences on the bootcamp so far, and his plans for the future now that he has graduated from his HyperionDev bootcamp in software engineering. 


Why did you decide to join a coding bootcamp?

I wanted to follow my passion for coding, technology, and helping people


What were you doing before this?

Before studying this software engineering course, I was unemployed, so I am looking for new and exciting opportunities.


What did you most enjoy most about your coding bootcamp?

What I enjoy the most about my course was collaborating with other students on challenging projects and learning something new every day.


What excites you about the future of programming or software engineering?

What excites me about the future of programming is the impact it’s going to have on many people’s lives including my own.


What was your personal mentor like? How did they help you?

Tavonga, my mentor, was amazing. He was patient with me and always willing to help me, even when I wasn’t the easiest to deal with. He was available throughout my bootcamp, to help me when I was struggling. 


What app (or website) would you have loved being involved in as a coder – and why?

The app I would’ve loved to be a part of would be the Tyme Bank or Bank Zero. Why? Because I think the apps are very innovative and disruptive in an industry which has been dominated by big corporates which charge high fees for banking. I would’ve loved to be a part of this disruption!


What is your advice for people thinking about coding as a career?

My advice for people thinking about coding as a career is that you’ve got to be resilient and be eager to learn, it is not always easy but it is very rewarding. HyperionDev ignited my passion for coding and has given me the best foundation for learning and developing as a programmer.



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