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Student spotlight: Monique van Zyl – Data Scientist bootcamp student

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In the past year, it has been made abundantly clear to all of us that tech skills are essential for growing your career and opening up new job opportunities. One person who quickly realised the importance of learning 21st-century tech skills was HyperionDev Data Scientist bootcamp student Monique van Zyl. With the ‘new normal’ of 2020 changing things on a daily basis, Monique knew that a rich and varied set of tech skills would be essential for having a competitive edge and career advantage in the New Year.

Monique first signed up for a HyperionDev Full Stack Web Developer bootcamp during lockdown, with the hopes of building a set of skills that would allow her to expand out of her career in Real Estate. In this bootcamp, she fell in love with programming, and decided to enrol in our Data Scientist bootcamp online part-time to build an expansive and multi-disciplinary tech skill set in a learning structure that fit her schedule. We asked Monique a few questions about her decision to start a coding bootcamp, her experiences on the bootcamp and how mentorship helped her to grow, and her plans for the future. 



Why did you decide to join the HyperionDev Data Scientist bootcamp?

I just completed the Full Stack Web Developer Bootcamp during the national lockdown and decided to take the next step to learn more about Data Analytics to get a firmer understanding about Python and SQL.


What were you doing before you joined our Data Scientist bootcamp?

I worked in Real Estate and started the initial Full Stack Web Developer Course as part of a career change.


What do you most enjoy about your course?

Each coding task is like a puzzle you need to solve.


What excites you about the future of programming?

The impact coding has to improve our daily lives.


What was the support you got in your Data Scientist bootcamp like?

My mentors have been super supportive and available. What’s more, the code reviewing process is very supportive, because I then know I’m on the right or wrong track.


What app (or website) would you have loved being involved in as a coder, and why?

My dream would be part of a company such as Affectiva that works with emotive AI.


Is there anything else you’d like to add for people who are thinking about learning to code?

Learning how to code is not easy. You will want to compare yourself to those around you and every other programmer in the world. Forget about all the external comparisons and focus on why you learned how to code in the first place. This helps you to celebrate your wins and to power through the tough times. Also, don’t let age or social status prevent you from pursuing a career in coding.



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