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Student Spotlight: Saranne – Software Engineer Bootcamp Student

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Every year the U.S. News & World report, the global authority in rankings and consumer advice, reveals their best jobs. Not only do they look at salary, they also assess other important aspects of a job, including growth potential and work-life balance. For the second year in a row, software developer takes the No. 1 spot as the Best Job overall,” states the report. What is it about software engineering that makes it so desirable? Kim Castro, the executive editor at U.S. News, explains that it’s not just the high salaries. She says: “To lure and retain workers, companies are also boosting the benefits they provide, offering flexible hours and remote work opportunities while investing in individuals’ personal and professional development – all reasons why software developer continues to top the Best Jobs list.”

19-year-old Saranne Ndamba, who comes from Johannesburg and is currently enrolled on the HyperionDev online Software Engineer Bootcamp, has certainly picked the right profession. Prior to this, she was involved in running a restaurant. About her career choice she says:


I have always had a love for computers and I thought it was time to explore my passion. I want to be prepared for the future.

And Saranne is certainly likely to be well-prepared for the future. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which calculates the employment growth for various occupations, software engineers  are projected to experience a startling 24% employment growth between 2016 and 2026. This is much faster than the 7% average for other occupations.

Saranne definitely has big plans for her future. She’s keen to own her own company, possibly in tech. Alternatively, she would be more than happy working at a big tech company like Google or Facebook. In Saranne’s own words, she sees herself doing the following:


I want to build fantastic artificial intelligence, which has the capacity to do incredible things.

She’s finding her HyperionDev online Software Engineer Bootcamp most manageable due to two aspects. She says:


My mentor’s assistance is great, especially the code reviews as these show me alternative ways of solving programming challenges. What also makes the course very enjoyable for me is the fact that I can work at my own pace.

Saranne also offers some advice for newbie programmers. She says that it’s never too late. You just need to do it. 

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