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Student Success Story: Busisiwe – From Financial Accountant to Data Analyst

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Busisiwe was qualified as a financial accountant, but she was unsatisfied in her career. Even though she was skilled and capable, the job market in her industry was overly saturated and competitive. With a desire to increase her salary and switch up her career, Busisiwe started looking into different ways she could upskill.

“The monotonous routines of Accounting were a bore, and the market has become quite saturated and highly competitive. The firms were hiring based on favouritism and not based on skills contribution or experience anymore.”

Busisiwe needed a more stimulating career that would provide better growth opportunities. She wanted to use the skills she already had but improve by gaining data analysis experience. Busisiwe identified a gap in her industry and took the leap to get qualified as a data scientist to fill it.



That’s when she started her career in code

The leap came in the form of HyperionDev’s Data Science Bootcamp. Through her course at HyperionDev, Busisiwe bettered her data analysis skills and can now use these highly sought-after skills practically.

Now, Busiswe isn’t only reading data; she’s coming up with the solutions that actually integrate that data. She finds this type of work deeply fulfilling and can see her role’s value for her company and team.  


Through the Data Science Bootcamp, Busisiwe cultivated a solutions-based mindset


“The bootcamp opened me up to a completely new way of thinking. I wasn’t just looking for problems and identifying the red flags anymore, I was actually building the tools necessary to reach a solution. Learning to code in programming languages has helped me become a solutions-based person and it’s been an awesome journey.”

Busisiwe wanted to enter a field that was fair – where your performance is based on tracked outcomes rather than peddling the corporate ladder. She also wanted to solve real-world solutions. And by upskilling in code, she did.

Finally, Busisiwe feels like she’s adding value to her company. Her work informs the business’s automated processes using machine learning algorithms. By improving efficiency and working towards effective, data-backed solutions, Busisiwe has created a career path that she can thrive in.


“Now I’m able to use code even for the simplest things. I can understand what I’m looking at when I accidentally click the inspect button when browsing the Internet and have an idea of what’s happening on a website’s backend.”

HyperionDev’s graduate programme even got Busiswe hired. In this stage of her journey, the HyperionDev team helped her design a stunning CV that attracted prospective employers from all over the world. She found her current position through HyperionDev’s mailing system and is now a full-time data analyst. 

Busiswe’s journey hasn’t ended there. She still wants to upskill and plans on doing HyperionDev’s software development course next. Her dream is to become a data scientist at Google someday, and we’re helping her get there.


“With 0 coding experience, the bootcamp helped turn me into a semi-pro. With a bit more experience, I’ll become an expert.” 

Maybe you’re ready to follow in Busiswe’s footsteps. Our bootcamps will grow your mindset and skill-set and expand your job horizons. Within months, you could be earning more while working your dream career. No previous experience is required.

As Busisiwe says, “Give it a shot, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.”



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