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Student Success Story: Chanelle – From E-commerce Sales Manager to Junior Developer

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In April 2020, Chanelle Bosiger lost her job as an E-Commerce Sales Manager at The Safari Store, an online safari attire and accessory store. Sadly, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, The Safari Store was implicated financially as it relied greatly on the tourism industry. But instead of losing hope, Chanelle decided to view her circumstances as a catalyst for her career path. 

Chanelle was ready for a complete career change, one that enabled her to continue working remotely. She knew programmers were in-demand, and she craved the stability that resulted from being highly skilled. That’s when she chose to pursue her interest in technology by learning code with HyperionDev. 


“I developed a strong interest in coding while building my husband’s architectural website on WordPress. At the time, I was job hunting after being retrenched from my career in the tourism industry.”

Back To Learning

Chanelle enrolled in HyperionDev’s Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp in the hopes that her experience with problem-solving and communication would help her along her way. And it did. Studying online, part-time, Chanelle mastered her bootcamp and graduated with flying colours. 


“The Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp has given me the opportunity to gain exposure and an understanding of a number of coding languages and technologies. These skills, along with the assistance offered by The Career Services Team at HyperionDev, have equipped me with the necessary tools to pursue a career in development.”

Mastering the Web Development Bootcamp 

After completing learning code with HyperionDev, Chanelle felt ready and capable of starting a career in website development. Breaking out into the industry can be daunting to do alone, so Chanelle reached out to The Career Services Team at HyperionDev and applied to one of the job positions the team posted. With their unmatched support system, she could partake in the job interview with confidence. 


The Career Services Team at HyperionDev has been extremely helpful in preparing me for a career in development. They have assisted me in setting up my application documentation and improving my LinkedIn account, and building a social network. They arranged a mock interview for interview preparations, arranged career expos and meetups, and were always happy to support me with queries regarding possible positions.”

With the help of the Career Services Team, Chanelle was hired as a Junior Developer at Code Infinity. In her current role, she applies many of the concepts and techniques she developed while learning code with HyperionDev.


Following Her True Calling

During her Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp, Chanelle achieved the accolade of being named HyperionDev’s ‘student of the month’. 


“I was awarded student of the month via a LinkedIn post in April 2021 where my work was recognised by the HyperionDev team. Through dedication, discipline, and collaborating with HyperionDev team members and fellow students, I successfully graduated from the bootcamp and am now able to build web applications that I didn’t think I would be able to when I started this journey.”

Now, Chanelle wishes to continue upskilling herself so that she can achieve a higher career level within the website development industry. For all those who don’t think they can take on a career in code, Chanelle has this to say:


“If you have an interest in coding, do it! Learning how to code is an amazing experience, and you will constantly surprise yourself with what you are capable of. If you are thinking about switching careers, it is daunting to take that first step, but you will not regret it once you do.”



Develop Your True Potential 

If you feel inspired by Chanelle’s story and would like to embrace the many opportunities that await you once you harness the power of code, you can start your journey with HyperionDev here. Who knows. You could be our next success story!