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Student Success Story: Daniel – From Matric to Developer

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Not many people can say they discovered their true passion as a young age, but Daniel Lee Kahts is one of them. He was still in high school when he realised that coding was what fuelled and interested him. But instead of opting for a traditional university degree, Daniel opted for an accessible and practical alternative. When he found HyperionDev, he started on his journey, choosing to study online, full-time.

“I decided to take on a bootcamp to upskill my knowledge whilst learning all the fundamentals needed to start a career in coding.”

Sculpting a Coding Skillset

Daniel approached his software development course with determination and zeal. The more he learned and the deeper his knowledge base grew, Daniel found that he was heading in the right direction. His favourite course content included machine learning and advanced coding. 

While the bootcamp presented many challenges, Daniel overcame his obstacles and was able to gain a strong foundation for his coding techniques. As a result, he was able to not only hone his skill but create an entire programme from machine learning and Python. He earned a 99% average on his tasks, setting up his confidence to enter the lucrative tech industry. 

Crafting a Career in Code with our Graduate Programme

The HyperionDev Graduate Programme and Career Service Team helped set Daniel up with all the necessary tools he needed to find his desired job position. With this assistance, Daniel was able to set up an industry-ready GitHub portfolio and CV. 

Daniel found a position through a headhunter and approached the interview with confidence. Finding his skills and the qualifications he garnered from his bootcamp more than enough for the position, Daniel landed his first job as a developer for Tech.co.za. He says that he is earning his expected salary. 

In addition, Daniel now applies his newly acquired skills to boost his performance at work. He says:

“I use HTML, CSS, PHP, and Python skills that I learned through HyperionDev every day in my job role.”

Looking Toward the Future

Daniel has high ambitions for his future in tech. In the next five years, he hopes to further hone his skills and become a successful machine learning specialist. 

He gives thanks to HyperionDev for helping guide him down his chosen path. He says:

“HyperionDev helped me progress through my coding journey by showing me the best and alternative ways to do certain coding problems. They also have a great syllabus that guides you through each chapter step by step and prepares you for the next challenge”


If you feel inspired by Daniel’s story and feel ready to embark on your own journey toward a fulfilling career in the tech industry, consider registering with HyperionDev here.

 Who knows, your success story may be next.