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Student Success Story: Gregory – From Student to Software Engineer Intern

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Gregory Hill just graduated with honours in Information Management from the University of Johannesburg. While he enjoyed his studies, he found that the course content he was most interested in was only touched upon. But instead of finding a job he wouldn’t be happy in, Gregory decided to follow the path of his passion by enrolling in one of HyperionDev’s coding bootcamps. He says:

“I pursued my BCom undergrad in Information Management, which promised to be the connector between the business side of technology and the practical side of it. Throughout my degree, I found my software development modules the most exciting but, unfortunately didn’t receive the opportunity to go in-depth. The course content, at the time, was very outdated. So, after completing my honours I decided to dive deep into software development and found HyperionDev.”

Instead of being complacent after a traditional university experience left much to be desired, Gregory was proactive about chasing his passions. He chose to further his expertise and deepen his skill set by enrolling in our Immersive Full Stack Web & Software Engineering Bootcamp. Gregory studied online full-time, and, with his dedication, perseverance and zeal, he flourished. 

Cultivating Success with Code

Gregory’s aspirations in programming only increased the more he progressed through his bootcamp. He says:

“I truly believe that software underpins the future, creating enormous value for both society and businesses. I also love the fact that, although challenging, software development has a creative aspect to it.”

While the course proved challenging, and Gregory had to face some tough obstacles along the way, his ambitious nature helped him pave the way toward victory. The course content inspired both his work ethic and determination, ultimately fueling his drive. He says:

“The course taught me concepts that some computer science graduates haven’t learnt in their entire 3-4 year degrees. Tech changes constantly, and this course teaches very relevant concepts and tools. This has been a huge benefit to me as I’ve been able to pass technical interviews and easily onboard onto any tech stack a particular company may be using.”

Turning Code into a Career

Gregory is currently completing a graduate programme in software engineering at the worlds leading software development company called SovTech. He collaborates and works with a small agile team to develop and maintain software for clients.

Gregory heard about the role through HyperionDev’s expansive network. Our integrated Graduate Programme and Careers Services assisted him in preparing for industry interviews and setting up a job-ready LinkedIn profile and CV. From there, Gregory was able to apply with confidence. 

Meeting his salary expectations and satisfying his passion for software engineering and continuous learning, Gregory is realising his dream career. He says:

“I see myself continually learning and experimenting with new technologies and potentially leading the technology strategies of a company.”

He isn’t planning on stopping anytime soon. 

“[In five years’ time,] I see myself as an extremely competent developer with the ability to apply tech in ways that solve huge and valuable problems.”

For all those looking to start a career in code or fortify their future with the invaluable skill set gained from HyperionDev bootcamps, Gregory has some advice. He says:

“It’s not easy. Learning to code requires strong dedication, persistence and self-motivation. It’s a marathon, not a race, and it doesn’t end after the bootcamp. You’ll always be learning and have something to learn. So, if you’re not the type who loves to be curious and is able to teach themselves, then don’t do it.” 

Hope for the Future

This is only the beginning for code. Computer science is increasing in popularity, demand, and dependency. The future is steeped in technology, and the world requires more skilled coders. 

Gregory has high hopes for the future of tech in the business sphere. He says:

“I believe that technology will help people achieve more, solve problems nothing else can, making lives easier and more efficient so that we can all spend time on what truly matters.”

And with HyperionDev at his back, he’s excited for what is to come.

“It’s empowered me to think like a solutionist. To be able to pick up and use bleeding-edge technologies to solve complicated and challenging problems in a new way.”


If you feel inspired by Gregory’s story and feel ready to embark on your own journey toward a fulfilling career in the tech industry, consider registering with HyperionDev here.

 Who knows, your success story may be next.