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Student Success Story: Keegan – From Junior Front-End Developer to Full Stack Engineer

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Keegan Christopher Bagnall graduated with a bachelor of computer science degree in 2020. But while searching for the software engineering jobs he was really interested in, he realised his degree didn’t cover the necessary skills required to enter the lucrative tech field. Keegan then found a front-end developer job but couldn’t shake the feeling that he should be in full-stack engineering instead. Rather than waiting for change to happen, he decided to be proactive about creating the life he wanted. He says:

“I enjoyed my position a lot but found that, after a few months, the challenges that I initially faced were starting to diminish. This made me want to expand my skills to progress my career and become a full-stack software engineer instead of only a front end engineer.” 

To turn his dream into a reality, Keegan began searching for courses he could take to improve and deepen his skillset. One of the more highly-recommended institutions was HyperionDev:

“I looked into what the most effective way to learn software engineering skills would be, and coding boot camps were highly recommended.”

Gaining the Tools of the Trade

Keegan was set on evolving his skills base with the utmost efficiency, so he enrolled in HyperionDev’s Immersive Web Development and Software Engineering Bootcamp. He decided to study online full-time for a total of 6 months. The reason for his choice? He says:

“I wanted to develop skills for an in-demand job because I know that most companies need programmers.”

And so, Keegan was fast on his way to becoming a qualified web developer and full stack engineer. He says:

“The course at HyperionDev taught me the fundamentals of web development while also introducing me to various technologies that are commonly used in the industry, which made getting into the industry a lot easier.”

Soon after graduating and receiving his certificate from HyperionDev, Keegan was sought out by a recruiter on LinkedIn. He was offered a chance to apply for his desired job position. With his newly acquired skill set and expertise, and with the help of HyperionDev’s Graduate Programme, Keegan got the job. 

A New Career Path in Code

Now, Keegan works as a successful full-stack engineer at an amazing start-up called the Joy Club. He gets to apply the skills he learned with HyperionDev in his work every day. But his aspirations don’t end here. He hopes to continue studying and improving his skills. 

“I wish to progress as a software engineer and gain more experience to become a team lead or senior developer one day.”

And how is he aiming to achieve this? He says:

“I aim to improve my current skillset and learn as much as possible from my more experienced colleagues to improve myself as a developer.”

Keegan encourages all budding and beginner coders to go after their dreams, extend and expand their expertise, and never give up. For those thinking about starting a course, he says:

“I would advise people who are just getting into code not to be afraid to ask questions. Everyone has to start somewhere, and you should take the opportunity to ask as many questions as you can when learning to code. It will help make you a better developer.” 

The world of code is only growing. There are a wealth of work opportunities for programmers in the tech industry, but also in the business realm as a whole. If ever there was a time to dive into the world of tech, it is now. Just as Keegan says,

“I feel strongly that there are numerous opportunities for code to create applications that can have a real-world impact on people’s lives and improve society in many ways as a whole.”


If you feel inspired by Keegan’s story and feel ready to embark on your own journey toward a fulfilling career in the tech industry, consider registering with HyperionDev here.

 Who knows, your success story may be next.