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Student Success Story: Kernard – From Part-time Work to Software Engineer

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Kernard Thindwa was working a part-time job, trying to improve his tech skills on the side by watching YouTube tutorials. After some time, he realised that this was not enough to achieve his career goals. This realisation resulted in his registration for HyperionDev’s Software Engineer Bootcamp, and it changed Kernard’s career path.


Kernard’s bootcamp experience

Before starting the Software Engineer Bootcamp, Kernard was set on upskilling to earn a better salary. He knew that programming skills were in demand and would give him a competitive edge in the international job market. 

Kernard saw the Software Engineer Bootcamp as a way of gaining essential tech skills and as a test to see if he had a true passion for software engineering. Kernard believes that the bootcamp exceeded his expectations and says,


“Being able to pick up a programming language in a relatively rapid manner and having the foundational skills that are applicable to almost all languages has proven to be instrumental in achieving some of my career goals, I am now able to jump into a new language and build amazing things relatively quickly.”


Benefits of the on-site bootcamp 

Kernard decided to complete the bootcamp on-site rather than online and feels that he benefited greatly from the collaborative learning experience. The peer-to-peer and mentorship model of the on-site bootcamp focuses on teamwork, problem-solving, and communication. Reflecting on the experience, Kernard says,


“I was also exposed to and was able to develop new skills, such as thinking programmatically, being able to solve problems, and analytical skills to better pick apart a large project (problem). I learnt to break assignments down into smaller more manageable tasks which then speed up the process of completing the tasks and project, which is crucial to being a competent software engineer.”


Kernard’s experience as a HyperionDev graduate

After graduating from the Software Engineer Bootcamp, Kernard signed up for the HyperionDev Graduate Programme, which helped him secure the job he has today. The programme taught him how to compose a professional CV, optimise his LinkedIn profile, and allowed him to do three mock interviews. These career development sessions helped Kernard land his job as a Graduate Software Engineer at Sovtech, an affiliated partner of the HyperionDev Graduate Programme. 

Kernard nailed the interview process for his career at Sovtech. First, he had to submit a video answer to a question about non-fungible tokens (NFTs), followed by a technical assessment with a 3-day deadline. Once they reviewed the assessment and saw the quality of his work, he had two formal interviews, which led to a job offer that met his salary and career goals. Speaking about his role at Sovtech, Kernard says,


“My responsibilities currently involve building world-class applications from scratch, maintaining and updating existing applications and improving on the functionalities and performance of existing applications.”

He uses TypeScript, JavaScript, ReactJS, NextJS Strapi, and Postgres in his role as a Graduate Software Engineer. He uses the tech skills he learned in his bootcamp daily, and his job encourages him to get out of his comfort zone and learn more about programming. He credits HyperionDev with helping him get into a programming mindset and not shy away from challenges but rather identify opportunities for problem-solving. 

In the next five years, Kernard sees himself using code to build unique products and solve complex problems. He aims to become a software engineer for an innovative, industry-leading company. Kernard’s advice for people who want to learn to code and enter the industry is that they need to be willing to face challenges with dedication and perseverance. He believes that you can become a better software engineer only by challenging yourself. When asked about the future of code, he said,


“I think that code will change the world for the better by having code that works well or even better with hardware such as Biotechnology, building prosthetics that help those who cannot walk finally do so, and DNA sequencing which could help us finally cure some of the most challenging diseases out there. This can all be achieved with code.”


If you’d like to see what Kernard is up to, follow his Instagram @steelosuave.



If you feel inspired by Kernard’s story and feel ready to embark on your own journey toward a fulfilling career in the tech industry, consider registering with HyperionDev here.

 Who knows, your success story may be next.