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Student Success Story: Kiyam – From Biotech Student to Salesforce Developer

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Capetonian Kiyam Burgess has joined the ranks of the tech industry as a HyperionDev graduate. He recently achieved his dream of becoming a software engineer by completing our online Software Engineering Bootcamp. But, he didn’t always have a clear image of this dream in mind. 

Initially, Kiyam went down a traditional tertiary education path, only to find that what he was studying wasn’t really “him”. This path was studying biotechnology at the University of the Western Cape. 

I love science and the idea of working in a lab to find ways of bettering society. But I realised that my solutions weren’t that of a scientist, but of someone who thought like a programmer.”

He left UWC and did a TEFL course while researching skill sets, only to find that his strengths are perfectly suited to those of a software engineer. While looking for an institution to study at, HyperionDev caught his eye. He took the online test, passed it, and immediately enrolled. 

Changing his life with a HyperionDev bootcamp

Kiyam’s move to a coding career was inspired by a number of factors. He wanted to work in a profession where he was guaranteed a better salary and knew part of that was acquiring the skills needed for in-demand jobs such as software engineering. This would additionally enable him to work from anywhere in the world – an attractive benefit for Kiyam. 

Studying part-time online, Kiyam learnt how to work with hardware, software, and computer systems used in various industries and jobs. He gained an understanding of popular languages such as Python and Java, object-oriented programming, and machine learning. Most importantly, Kiyam learnt how to use these skills to create apps and programmes that are real-world solutions. He says:

The coding languages gave me a solid foundation and understanding of how to code (in my own way). The course helped sharpen my critical thinking skills, which is very important for a career in software development.”

HyperionDev’s career services team also helped Kiyam create a professional, on-trend CV and set up his LinkedIn profile – which he believes helped him land his current job. He credits his HyperionDev code reviewer for not just giving him solutions when he didn’t understand a concept but for guiding his thought processes to find a solution on his own. 

Through the skills acquired at the bootcamp, Kiyam tried his hand at building apps that help people in everyday life. One was an app that helped his granny calculate student marks efficiently; another was an app his friends used when playing games and picking teams. 

Life as a Salesforce Developer

Kiyam currently works remotely as a Salesforce Developer for Micronetbd Inc., a New Jersey, USA-based Salesforce partner company that helps grow small and midsize financial services companies. 

Kiyam says the coolest thing about working with Salesforce – the leading vendor in the global customer relationship management (CRM) applications market – is continuously “stretching” his mind and finding solutions to problems through planning and research.

Using Apex programming, Java, MySQL, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, he is responsible for developing and implementing features that fit clients’ needs and that they use as part of their organisational infrastructure. Kiyam sees his work as a Salesforce developer as a way to learn new things – especially in the B2B industry – and develop new ideas for apps that help companies simplify processes and grow. 

Is code the solution to many of life’s challenges? Kiyam thinks so. He says:

Code and software are constantly getting better and improving the lives of those that use it. Not only does code make life easier for businesses and society, it moves the world forward.”  


If you’re inspired by Kiyam’s story and feel ready to embark on your own journey toward a fulfilling career in the tech industry, consider registering with HyperionDev here.

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