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Student Success Story: Kyle – from IT Admin to Desktop App Software Developer

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After 3 years of working in administration-related roles in the IT sector, Kyle Julies decided that he wanted something more. He wanted a career he would love: a career that brought challenges and new learning, that paid well, and which held many opportunities for growth and work across the world. Kyle had always loved programming, and so – with the world becoming increasingly digitised and software-dependent – he decided to make a career out of it. He signed up for the HyperionDev online full-time Software Engineer bootcamp

Now, just after graduating from his bootcamp, Kyle has successfully started his career as a desktop app software developer at VGM. We asked him about his experiences on his software engineering coding bootcamp and what it was like changing careers to become a software engineer. 

Starting a bootcamp: Kyle’s search for something more

Before signing up for a HyperionDev bootcamp, Kyle had worked in a number of IT roles, spending 3 years as a database administrator, a systems administrator, and an IT infrastructure specialist. However, he quickly realised that he didn’t truly enjoy this administrative-orientated work, and wanted something more challenging and fulfilling: being an actual developer who conceptualises and builds the projects his old career had him merely manage. He joined his HyperionDev bootcamp specifically because he hoped it would give him the job-ready software engineering skills to make the career switch he was aiming for. 

“My main reason for joining the HyperionDev Software Engineer bootcamp was to switch fields within the IT industry. Before I started my Software Engineer bootcamp, my primary career role was working as an Oracle Database Administrator, with lesser focus on Linux Systems Administration.”

“I’ve always enjoyed programming [and I had] informal programming experience through university and self-study. Therefore, programming was not new to me when I started the bootcamp.”

“With all this in mind, I left my previous job and started the software engineering bootcamp full time. Though it was a bit of a bold move (especially since HyperionDev offers a part-time program so that you can keep working full-time), I was confident that it would not take too long to find employment.”

What it’s like to switch careers to tech

Soon after graduating, Kyle found an opportunity through our HyperionDev Graduate Program to work as a developer for VMG Software (a software provider that specialises in dealership and workshop management). With the job-search support that comes standard with all of our bootcamps, we helped Kyle prepare for his application and interview. 

“I discovered VMG Software through HyperionDev. My employer already knew of the value of HyperionDev because they’ve hired their graduates in the past, and that might have assisted me with getting an interview.”

“I was assisted by the careers team in refining both my CV and Linkedin profile, and I was offered mock interview training” 

After a lengthy process involving multiple interviews, Kyle was hired.

“I am now officially employed at VMG Software as a desktop app software developer. I work on an application that installs and runs locally on computers/laptops.”

“For most of my work, I focus on working on bug fixes and implementing new features that clients request. The Git version control system is something that I constantly use in my role, which I learned during my Software Engineer bootcamp.”

Kyle’s HyperionDev bootcamp experience

Thanks to its major focus on practical skills and job-readiness development, the HyperionDev Software Engineer bootcamp gave Kyle the skills he needed to make his entry into professional software development.  

This was because of close mentorship, which he was able to consult the few times he was stuck on a problem, as well as the practical skills focus. During the bootcamp, you make working programs and projects that are just like the ones you would build in the real developer world.

“When I did have questions, my mentor Imraan Meyer assisted me with any questions that I had. I liked the code review system in place. It was very easy for me to submit tasks. However, the best part of the bootcamp for me was probably the capstone projects related to the project management system. They were quite challenging too:  It took a lot of time and effort. Using the internet to find resources helped a ton!”

“It was definitely a challenge trying to create a cohesive program that interacts well with a database.”

Kyle’s Pygame project built in Python

His bootcamp is only the start of his career, which Kyle sees growing to new heights as he gains professional experience as a software developer.

“Personally I’m not fond of the “where do you see yourself in x years” question, primarily because I don’t have a systematic path laid out, with a clear and precise end-goal. However, there are general goals that I would like to achieve, such as: being afforded many opportunities to choose from at any given point (i.e. being in high demand), having the option of working overseas, and having a flexible work schedule with freedom to easily change working hours.

Kyle’s advice for people who are thinking about learning to code or start their new career as a developer is simple: don’t hesitate.

“ Programming is one thing that can easily be learnt if you so desire. The software/programs and resources to learn are available to you, so take advantage of them! And if you find that you are enjoying it, consider taking a HyperionDev course; the post-bootcamp support will be a big help for finding a job.”

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