Student Success Story: Mark – From Musician to Software Engineer

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When the pandemic hit, Mark saw an opportunity. He managed to find a silver lining in the difficult times we all faced and used the time to explore a different career path. As a full-time musician and mixing engineer, Mark saw the music industry take a really big knock. Mark has always been interested in coding and wanted to learn more about it. He also recognised it as an opportunity to learn new, relevant skills and see where it would take him.

Getting started with a HyperionDev Bootcamp

Doing the Full Stack Web Developer Bootcamp part-time, Mark had sufficient time to do both the work required in the bootcamp as well as other responsibilities that he had during that period. He feels the time allocated to the bootcamp was easy to manage with other responsibilities. 

“The course did exactly what it described and that was to accelerate me into a position where I can start to apply and enter the tech industry. I believe that I gained a very solid foundation to enter the tech industry as an intern/junior developer.”

Mark feels that his HyperionDev coding bootcamp really prepared him with work ready skills, specifically through the expert code review.

“The code reviewing process was great, because it showed me alternative ways of solving programming challenges. It was very supportive, because I knew I was on the right (or wrong) track. The code review really took my coding to a new level. It prepared me for the working world as it’s the same process that happens in the industry.

Making the career move 

After completing his bootcamp, Mark was eager to get started with his first job in the tech space. Mark worked with HyperionDev’s Career Services team to improve his CV, Linkedin profile and digital portfolio.

“I expected the interview process to be much more stressful, but the process was very well structured. The HyperionDev Graduate Program really helped me a lot to prepare myself to find a job. It is well worth it to stick with the program.”

Mark currently works as an Associate Software Engineer at Mohara. His responsibilities include mostly front-end work such as building user interfaces and adding functionality. He tells us that he’s lucky to be working on projects that mostly use the skills that he learned and developed in the course.

“I am really enjoying learning about the company structure and all the different roles within the company and how they all tie together. Regarding development,  I’ve learned about new libraries and seen new ways to approach tasks, some of it still a bit above my expertise which has been an amazing learning experience.”

This is only the beginning

Mark is motivated to learn as much as possible and would like to specialise in time, explaining that he would love to be able to branch out into different roles in the long run such as design.

Mark’s hopes and goals in the tech industry are to enter a senior role as a designer or project manager. He recommends doing research about the industry and talking to people. 

“I can start to really plan my future and structure goals professionally because there is a whole new world that has opened up which I am very excited to explore.”

Mark believes that tech is becoming more integrated in the world as time passes and that smart and efficient tech solutions can have a variety of positive impacts on the world.His advice for those considering making the change? Just do it! 

“Do research about the industry and talk to people. I think the biggest thing I realised is that it really is an industry with its own rules and it can be very accommodating to so many people. Once you know a little bit more of what to expect, try to visualise yourself and the skills that you have in that role and focus on how to use that to your advantage.”

Why not start your own jounrey?

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