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Student Success Story: Max Deale – from Audio Engineer to Full Stack Developer

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In this HyperionDev student success story, we wanted to find out more about Max’s journey from Audio Engineer to Full Stack Developer, his experiences on his Full Stack Web Developer bootcamp, and how he went from engineer, to HyperionDev coding mentor, to professional developer.  We asked him about his experiences on his HyperionDev coding bootcamp, and what it taught him on the path to starting his new career as a full stack developer. 

Tell us about the new job you found. What new role are you starting? 

I’ll be a Full Stack Developer at Sovtech. It’s a permanent position.  

What did you do before your HyperionDev bootcamp? 

I was working as an Audio Dubbing Engineer. It was a job that I kept doing full-time while finishing my web developer bootcamp.

What drove your decision to switch careers? 

I discovered my passion for tech, and the more I learned about coding and the tech industry the more I realised how many great opportunities and growth it held. 

And what made you decide to take a HyperionDev bootcamp? 

I knew that going into the tech industry, I’d need certification for job market credibility.

How did HyperionDev’s skills help you in your current job?

I learned a really solid foundation of skills from my coding bootcamp – it taught me skills in both full stack web development and software development. 

How would you say HyperionDev helped you in starting your tech career? 

Well for a start, HyperionDev hired me as a coding mentor. 

Tell us about your new role. Which tech stacks do you mostly use in your work?

The job mostly uses the MERN stack and Typescript, but the work has also allowed me to develop new skills, in other technologies and stacks,  like GraphQL and DevOps.

How was your experience of your on-site coding bootcamp at HyperionDev?

It was great! The bootcamp has really good mentors. The on-site interaction makes the experience more personal, detailed and therefore more valuable. The code reviewing process was very supportive, because I knew I was on the right (or wrong) track. Plus, the code review really took my coding to a new level. 

What was the most challenging part of the bootcamp, and how did you overcome it?

Finishing the bootcamp at the same time as working a full-time job. I honestly have no idea how I did it.

What are your hopes and goals for your tech career in the future?

I’d really like to start my own company and create a YouTube channel.

What advice would you give to people who are thinking about learning to code or changing careers to become developers?

Always aim to help and teach others, and to stand out from the crowd.  This will help you tremendously.

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